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Posted by TJ on Friday July 17, 2009 @ 12:27 PM
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How many people say "God Bless you" after every time someone sneezes in their office? For me this is just way to overboard and thankfully my whole office has taken this stance. I mean I never understood the whole concept anyway. I think I read that the whole bless you mess arouse from the idea that with a sneeze you let evil spirits out of your system... Well shouldn't someone blessing me then? Now I have to deal with your evil spirits and your evil germs? Shouldn't I plead out "God bless ME" instead?

I have a feeling those people who do bless every office sneeze are just those that are bored at work and take a sneeze as a way to start conversation.


Posted by TJ on Tuesday June 16, 2009 @ 02:13 AM
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This topic has been shot to hell but figured I'd join the thousands who posted this question ahead of the planned rally Tuesday outside the Ed Sullivan Theater to fire David Letterman. If we should fire Letterman for the bad joke he made why not Leno too?

Jay Leno said:
Gov. Palin announced over the weekend that her 17-year-old unmarried daughter is five months pregnant. And you thought John Edwards was in trouble before! Now he has really done it. -- "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," 9/2/08

This joke is practically the same as Letterman's joke.

Wait, think we can rid the late night of comedy, we have grounds to fire Conan too!

Conan Obrien said:
"Sarah Palin is going to drop the first puck at the Philadelphia Flyers' hockey game. Then Palin will spend the rest of the game trying to keep the hockey players out of her daughter's penalty box."

Hey let's not stop there. We should impeach Obama for his joke about special Olympians:

Obama on the Tonight Show said:
When Obama told Jay Leno that he had recently bowled a 129 score, Leno replied dryly, "That's very good, Mr. President." Obama chuckled and said it's "like the Special Olympics or something."

No actually my thoughts on this if you don't want to hear bad jokes then get rid of your TV or keep it tuned into your FOX news channel. I wish these uptight people could find something else to spend their energy on and maybe do something that could benefit society.

Posted by TJ on Monday December 15, 2008 @ 10:45 AM
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Among several holiday traditions I can't stand are those Salvation Santa Clauses that appear way to early in the holiday season outside the local supermarket, Walmart, city corner, or shopping mall. I find them equivalent to the homeless panhandler and find the bell irritating. My deep despise of these Santa has led to my boycott of their purpose and their change kettles. I ask that all my readers join me in my boycott and maybe we can eliminate this holiday tradition like the way of the fruit cake.

But WAIT before you call me a self centered prick read on...

I am not saying don't donate to the salvation army. Actually, I want to encourage you to donate to them. With the current state of the economy charities or having a particularly difficult time. So donate... please donate just don't give it to Santa use other means. Use their website to make a donation or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY to donate by phone. If you donate just $10 you probably make up for 20-30 people who add their spare change into the red kettle. If you and everyone donates $10 through the website instead of the red bin the Salvation Army Santa's will have no reason to stand in the cold ringing that annoying bell. You can finally exit your shopping mall without the guilt because you walked right passed Santa without even establishing eye contact. People you can gain your sanity back and you CAN make a difference, it's Christmas for god sakes.

Donate Now

Posted by TJ on Wednesday October 29, 2008 @ 01:06 PM
[Tags: economy, politics, rant]

Okay so you really can't believe everything the candidates are saying now will actually happen. But the differences in both McCain's and Obama's tax policies is quite alarming. I can only hope that the candidates have such a wide variance to swing voters to their side. On this policy alone McCain would definitely win the high earners and Obama would win middle class voters and lower class.

IncomeAvg. tax billAvg. tax bill
Over $2.9M-$577,148+$699,872
$603K and up-$109,214+$121,689
Under $19K-$65-$567
* Not all proposals are slated for 2009. Example: Obama's proposal to increase what high-income earners must pay into Social Security. The campaign said such a measure wouldn't take effect for 10 years.

Considering only my own tax bill I can be considered quite bias on the issue as either candidate for me would lead to modest tax cut on both sides (less than $300 difference). From my standpoint it does seem that Obama has more sound and realistic ideas to back up his policies.

Obama plans call for increasing the cap on Social security to $250,000. This would lead to and extra 9,000 of tax to individuals who make more than 250,000. In my view the only way to cure the social security issue is to raise this cap or raise the rate (which increases tax for everybody). Increasing tax on everybody does not sound like a good idea. McCain plans to privatize Social security a plan that is risky, controversial, and not a sure cure to the issue.

The nation is in debt... more debt than ever. We have more 10 trillion in debt. Is cutting taxes going to pay off the debt? I am really tired of the government giving tax incentives and then not curving the government spending.

We really need the guy who is going to give real answers -- who is going solve the social security issue, help pay down our national debt, and stop government overspending. I will gladly pay more tax if it's going to help these issues and not go towards some politicians vacation in the Hamptons or a government subcontractors mansion in California.

Posted by TJ on Wednesday October 15, 2008 @ 10:51 AM
[Tags: rant, internet, hints]

No, I'm not going to buy your product or service if you are emailing me from an, @yahoo, or address.

I do not understand why people still try to conduct a "professional" business using a free email provider.

Your or account should not be used to conduct a professional business. You can have your own domain (IE: for as low as $10/year. Get with the times.. this is 2008 not 1999.


Posted by TJ on Monday September 29, 2008 @ 07:54 PM
[Tags: scam, internet, rant]

Today I was going through a pile of old mail I have yet to open and found an notice that I was selected for inclusion into the "famous" Strathmore's Who's Who. Wowzer's!! Right?

Now at first I figured this is probably a scam, the same as when I poem I wrote got selected to be included in a special edition collection of elite authors by All you need to do is pay some elaborate fee for the "publishing".

But then I thought hey maybe they saw I received my CPA or maybe saw this website which would definitely earn me a spot on any list(Ok that's an embellishment).

So I did a search and found it was definitely a scam.

What makes me wonder most about these scams is how do the people... the owners, the sales people, or even the secretaries of this company ... how do they wake up everyday and knowing that they are going to work for a company that is completely worthless to the society and just a fraud to the American dream? A cashier at the McDonalds, a disgraced politician, hell even staff at an abortion clinic earn more admiration then these people do, I just can't imagine the type of people who could make a career doing stuff like that.

And what sucks more is people actually fall for this type of scam. This press release by Wayward Community College congratulates a professor for their successful induction (buying) into the list.

Posted by TJ on Thursday June 19, 2008 @ 12:53 PM
[Tags: gas, rant, personal]

I am accepting applications to turn my car into a mobile billboard. I have a 2007 Honda Accord and will be willing to advertise any company you so choose in Westchester County, NY. I also frequently drive my car (about once per Month) to the NYC to visit clients.

I will charge between $100-500/Month based on size of advertisement.

Send applications to helpmygasbill@tjshome·com

Posted by TJ on Friday May 16, 2008 @ 06:28 PM
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Okay so I got nervous shits a lot and I finally took it upon myself to search the internet for more information on the causes and potentials cure. It really sucks when you have an event/meeting/interview/test/date to goto and your ready to walk out the door and you suddenly feel like you have to crap. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything very useful except for link below. If anybody has experience or information please post as I'd like to hear your crappy stories.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the crap post.


EDIT: Limited the profanity in this post to get the ads to show up. Hey if I'm gonna devulge personal information about my bowel movements I should get revenue from it right?...right?

Posted by TJ on Saturday April 19, 2008 @ 03:54 AM
[Tags: personal, humor, rant]

Ok so I don't normally post about my daily life in this blog because that'd probably get boring as my life is pretty boring. However yesterday was so assiduous I just to have post about it. It all started with going to work this morning. I knew my boss or other manager wasn't going to be in today so I took upon myself to issue a dress down Friday and parted from my normal business casual attire. It's kinda weird on Fridays anyway becuase my office has two firm's working side by side and one has dress down fridays and the one I work for doesn't. So it's kinda like going to a party overdressed every friday. But you know how they say it's to be over dressed than under and I sole heartedly agree in this situation. Like always I left my house at 9:00 am to be to work at my start time of 9:00am (notice something weird here?). I just finished with tax season so I didn't feel like working much. However, I received an alert that we had to get schedules to an IRS auditor for one of big corp's. So I prepared these at a leisurely pace. Once 5:30 hit I made sure I was on my way to my car. I got in the apartment and felt tired so I took a nap until about 8pm. This was perfect becuase my roomates have left by then and I'm anti-social so I having the place to my self. I then sat down and put a netflix movie in the DVD and watched it on the $1,000 TV DVD setup that I purchased last year. The movie was "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" and was turned off quickly becuase I realized that I already seen this movie. I found another movie laying around in the apartment movie and put this in. Around 11 o'clock I realized I forgot to eat dinner and developed a perfect craving for the perfect meal Ramon Noodles. So I cooked up a package. So then I cooked up a package. No I did just repeat that unintentionally as I cooked two packages one after the other as I was more hungry then I thought and those ramon noodles are so damn good. I finished out the night by drinking a bottle of beer. Now I know drinking alone is a sign of alcoholism but so is denial and I just told all the world that I drink alone so that's not denial. Now why I am I writing this again? Oh yeah ... to tell you just how exciting my friday was... that will have to wait till next friday I guess

Posted by TJ on Monday March 31, 2008 @ 04:38 PM
[Tags: accounting, work, rant]

At my real job, I've been working a lot lately on an small internet start up that is slated to get really big in the next year. Well last week I had an interview with my boss and the CEO and during the meeting the CEO told my boss that "I am doing a phenomenal job" and "he's lucky to have me" on the account. That made my day. And then to top it off same week I was on a conference call with another client doing some consulting for a business aquisition and the client said to my boss "Make sure you keep him around" referring to me of course. Wow... those are nice comments. Now I still have a big head from all that... and I know I might be boasting here but this is MY BLOG what you expect me talk about?

Posted by TJ on Monday February 4, 2008 @ 02:21 AM
[Tags: sports, tv, rant]

Shout outs to Eli Manning keeping his composure and leading the Giants to victory

Shout out to James Tyree and his circus catch. You barely heard his name until today

Shout to Burress for coming close to his predicted score of 23-17

Shout out to Giants Defensive cordinator, Steve Spagnuolo and the defense for constantly pounding Tom Brady and keeping the game a low scoring game. Too bad he probably wont be with the Giants next year as he will likely get a head coaching position.

Shout out to Tom Petty for playing his best songs at half time and after all these years still sounding great

Shout to coach Tom Coughlin for not turning red

Shout to Kevin Boss for filling in for Jeremy Shockey as almost an exact replica.

Shout to Bud Light for having the best commercials.

Shout down to Bill Belichick for leaving the game before it was over and for giving the worst press conference... What was that mumbling?

Posted by Tj on Tuesday January 15, 2008 @ 03:42 PM
[Tags: links, rant] is supposedly a revolutionaly site that offers a searchable and playable database of music and songs. The search is free and could be used as an alternative to youtube when trying to play that one song you just want to hear on demand. However I have not been able to use it. I goto the site and find my song and never hear the song. It stops on "loading.." and if you click the song again it says "now playing" but nothing plays. Is the service broke already? Or am I just dumb? I tried it on two computers.

Try it:

Posted by TJ on Wednesday January 2, 2008 @ 12:46 AM
[Tags: personal, rant]

Cool things happening in 2007

Coney Island for the 1st time
Atlantic City - Bachelor's party
40% raise
Snow boarding for the 1st time
Hiking Breakneck Ridge Trail
Got my CPA license
Clubbing in NYC
Six Flags

Things learned in 2007

Don't let your meter expire if you have an expired NYS inspection
I'm allergic to breakfast

Things heard too much in 2007 but hopefully forgetten by 2008:
Britney Spears
Paris Hilton
Steroids in baseball

Thinks to look forward to in 2008:
Soon to be former president bush.

Worst thing to happen in 2007:

End of the Torre management of Yankees
Shootings at Virginia Tech

TJ's Site of the Year: : You can select an artist and it will create a music station with songs by the artist and similar sounding music

Things to do in 2008
It's kind of a shame I do not already do some of these...

Smile when ever I meet someone
Do more bike riding
Drink more water
Sleep at least 7 hours a day
Strengthen my handshake
Win a million dollars (at least)
Buy a house/condo
Take a week vacation
Don't let my job get in my way of having a good time
Eat three meals a day
See a doctor (I haven't in at least 5 years)

Posted by TJ on Monday November 5, 2007 @ 01:08 PM
[Tags: sayings, personal, rant]

[Mood: Angry]

What's That suppose to mean?

That's gooing to be my new favorite question.

I'll expand later

Posted by TJ on Friday October 26, 2007 @ 03:24 PM
[Tags: rant, cellphone, serious]

Verizon has been known to have no corporate social responsiblity. They recently released their latest scheme for earning the extra buck at your expense. They have included a notice in recent billings that they will sell subscribers their Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) to “third parties and affiliates” unless you opt out in 30 DAYS.

Adobe PDF version of the notice

CPNI is (Customer Proprietary Network Information) is information that telecommunications services such as local, long distance, and wireless telephone companies acquire about their subscribers. It includes not only what services they use but their amount and type of usage.

Third parties can use this information for targeting solicited text messages and phone calls to you.

I advise all Verizon subscribes to opt-out by calling:


You will need to enter your #, billing zip code, and last four digits of your SS# into the automated system.

Posted by TJ on Thursday September 13, 2007 @ 02:34 AM
[Tags: personal, rant, update]

[Mood: tired]

I havent been able to do much of anything lately as I've been spending my time at my office filing tax extension due September 15, 2007. Thanks to the internet though I have been able to keep up with most things. I have been buying new boxers and tshirts on the internet as needed since I have no time to do laundry and Every night I log onto youtube and watch the hottest tv shows I missed (yeah I saw Britney bomb). I also have a blockbuster online rental membership so I can even rent movies and return them (unwatched though).

Next I'm gonna start Google Image Searching beds instead of sleep.

The website changed servers and as a result the Rss feed was down due to technicalities but it is live again so make sure you resubscribe.

After tax season I plan on adding a couple new pages so stay tuned.

Posted by TJ on Thursday September 6, 2007 @ 04:06 PM
[Tags: humor, personal, rant]

Yes, I think have good people skills, what kind of idiot question is that?

Posted by TJ on Friday August 24, 2007 @ 01:28 PM
[Tags: rant, definitions, personal]

I am sick of hearing this phrase. Although the phrase is nothing new, for some reason I have been hearing this phrase way too much lately too keep my sanity. I first noted hearing it when the Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees used it to describe his relationship to Derrick Jeter during the 2007 off season and then from there it seems I have been hearing the phrase at least once a day in my office.

I think the phrase is perfect for those times when you need to say something but have nothing to say. But really people stop using it for your answer to everything.

Athlete's have been using this phrase for years in an attempt to sum up their troubles. Infact USA Today awarded the phrase the #1 Cliche of 2004. (USA Today)

The many meanings of "it is what it is":

  • A phrase that seems to simply state the obvious but actually implies helplessness.
  • Meanings it is not going to change, so deal with it or don't.
  • Do not over think the situation. a reminder to keep things simple, dont over analyze things, or a way to put a definition on something thats hard to explain.
  • Normally used to describe something of irrelevance or an acceptance of the situation.
  • Used primarily to cause confusion to the listener.

--Compiled from

Posted by TJ on Wednesday August 22, 2007 @ 01:10 PM
[Tags: news, rant]

The reason scientist have yet to find the cure for cancer is they are too busy doing studies on preposterous points. Take this article for example:

Study: T-rex could outrun David Beckham

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- The smallest dinosaur could reach speeds of nearly 40 miles per hour and even the lumbering Tyrannosaurus rex would have been able to outrun most modern-day sportsmen, according to research published on Wednesday.

Even T-rex, who wasn't incredibly fast, could chase down footballer David Beckham.

Scientists using computer models calculated the top speeds for five meat-eating dinosaurs in a study they say can also illustrate how animals cope with climate change and extinction.

The velociraptor, whose speed and ferocity was highlighted in the film "Jurassic Park", reached 24 miles per hour while the T-rex could muster speeds of up to 18 miles per hour, the study published in the Royal Society's Biological Sciences showed.

"Our research, which used the minimum leg-muscle mass T-rex required for movement, suggests that while not incredibly fast, this carnivore was certainly capable of running and would have little difficulty in chasing down footballer David Beckham, for instance," said Phil Manning, a paleontologist at the University of Manchester, who worked on the study.

The smallest dinosaur -- the Compsognathus -- could run nearly 40 miles per hour, about 5 miles per hour faster than the computer's estimate for the fastest living animal on two legs, the ostrich.

A top human sprinter can reach a speed of about 25 miles per hour.

The researchers used a computer model to calculate the running speeds of the five dinosaurs that varied in size from the 6.6 pound Compsognathus to a six-ton Tyrannosaurus.

They fed information about the skeletal and muscular structure of the dinosaurs into the computer and ran a simulation tens of millions of times to see how fast the animals moved, said William Sellers, a zoologist at the University of Manchester, who led the study.

They checked their method by inputting data of a human with the muscle and bone structure of a professional sportsman and found the computer accurately spat out a top running speed just behind T-rex's pace.

"People have estimated speeds before but they have always been indirect estimates and hard to verify," Sellers said. "What we found is they were all perfectly capable of running."

Looking at how these ancient animals lived and died out is also important in trying to predict how modern day species may cope with future climate change, Sellers added.

This study helps to build a biological picture that scientists can use to better understand how dinosaurs adapted to changes in the weather just before they went extinct some 65 million years ago, he said.

"Knowing how these animals coped over the past millions of years will give us clues to what is going to happen over the next thousand years," he said. "That is why there has been more recent interest in biology of these animals." E-mail to a friend

Okay so maybe the point of the study was not to determine if the T-rex could outrun the popular soccer star David Beckham. But why did they put that in the title? To get people like me to read it, and I felt for it and now you did to

Posted by TJ on Friday June 22, 2007 @ 03:48 PM
[Tags: personal, thoughts, rant]

I've been quiet and reserved for most of my life. I can not remember exactly when it clicked in or if its just been there forever. I've thought about it and I'm sure a lot of those close to me think about it...what makes me so damn quiet? So here's an attempt at list that I will start and add to as time goes on.

  • I do not like to ask stupid questions - most people like to ask questions just to make conversion, I only like to ask questions when I really want to hear the answer.
  • I do not like to lie - It seems, at least to me, that most big talkers are also big liars. Half the crap coming out of their mouths is either lies or big exaggerations of what really happens. I keep it real and to the point.
  • My mother named me Tim - So I took it upon myself to be Timid
  • I'm an introvert - Most people think this is the same as being shy but they are wrong there's a good article here:

  • Abraham Lincoln is my role model: He once said "'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."

    There are some times I think of something to say but quickly put in reserve.

    I may add some later.. but yeah... now you know and do not have to ask.

Posted by TJ on Tuesday June 5, 2007 @ 02:28 AM
[Tags: playlist, rant, music]

[Mood: bleh]
[Music: Billy Joel - Piano Man]

Here is my Sad Songs playlist straight from iTunes. Am I missing anything...?

Click for Lyrics (when available)


2 Pac
Dear Mama

A Perfect Circle
Imagine (Cover)

A Perfect Circle
Three Libras

Al Green
Tired Of Being Alone

Allison Krauss & Nickel Creek
The Lighthouse's Tale


Barenaked Ladies
I Live With It Everyday

The Beatles
Hey Jude

Lost Cause

Ben Folds Five

Ben Folds Five

Ben Folds Five

Billy Joel

Blink 182
I Miss You

Blink 182
Adams Song

Blue October

Bob Dylan
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right

Breaking Benjamin

Carbon Leaf
When I'm Alone

The Carpenters
Goodbye To Love

Cat Stevens
Father and Son

Counting Crows
A Long December

The Cure

Dropkick Murphys
The Green Fields of France

Dropkick Murphys
I'm Shipping Up to Boston

Elton John
Someone Saved My Life Tonight

Flogging Molly
Far Away Boys

The Fray

Gary Jules

Gilbert O'Sullivan

I Stand Alone

Goo Goo Dolls

Gordon Lightfoot
The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald

Green Day

Guns N' Roses
Don't Cry

Hank Williams

James Taylor
Fire and Rain

Look What You've Done

John Lennon

Johnny Cash

Jon Bon Jovi

Joy Division
Love Will Tear Us Apart

Karaoke All Stars
Two Beds and a Coffee Machine (key of A)

Kid Rock

Marvin Gaye
Lean on Me

Tuesday's Gone (Cover)

Mama Said

Fade To Black

The Christmas Shoes

Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails
Something I Can Never Have

All Apologies

Our Lady Peace

Ozzy Osbourne

Pearl Jam

Pink Floyd
Comfortably Numb

Every Rose Has It's Thorn

Puddle of Mudd


Everybody Hurts

Simon & Garfunkel

Smashing Pumpkins

The Smiths


Stone Sour

Sufjan Stevens
Casimir Pulaski Day

Third Eye Blind
Slow Motion

Tracy Chapman
Fast Car

Ugly Kid Joe
Cats in the Cradle

The Velvet Underground
Candy Says

Posted by TJ on Monday June 4, 2007 @ 04:40 PM
[Tags: rant, personal, opinion]

What? .. Let me explain...

First before you spend(ask for) a favor you have to make sure you enough in the bank. Ask yourself have I done something for this person that would make them want to help?

Bank your favors Always invest your favors so when you'll need a favor you can withdraw.

Make sure your investing in the right favor funds
Ask yourself: Has the fund helped me when in need? Am I just putting all my favors in and not getting any favors in return? You want to make sure you your getting a good return on investment.

Limit your loans Nobody likes debt. If you have a a favor loan make sure to repay quickly. Interest does accrue and is unfortunately not a viable tax deduction.

Posted by TJ on Wednesday April 18, 2007 @ 11:53 AM
[Tags: web design, rant, trends]

Disable Back Button - This is very annoying and I hate site's that do this. If you have to trap people from exiting your site you have a problem. The hits you gain from this practice is not worth the visitors you piss you off by doing this.

Sound - Sound from a website is very annoying when its unexpected. A lot of pages are starting to put movies and songs on their main page. This trend defitinely does not bring in more visitors but it sure does lose visitors. Just think of the person viewing a page at work and then hears music - right away they close the page never to go back to the site again.

Posted by TJ on Tuesday February 20, 2007 @ 10:33 PM
[Tags: health, humor, rant]

Girls who do not wash their hands It took me a long time to figure out that like boys, girls poop too, however I just noticed that like boys, girls do not wash their hands after they go to the bathroom. I am not saying that it's okay for guys not to wash their hands but I think it's especially gross for girls to engage in this unhealthy behavior. And if you're not going to wash your hands at least wait to the toilet flushes before you exit. A toilet flush and the door opening is a dead give away that you do not wash your hands, and I'd rather not know. Here's a tip don't just wash your hands after the bathroom, wash your hands every chance you get, especially before eating and maybe you won;t get sick so much. I have not been sick in 3 years and haven't been to a docter in 5 years.