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Posted by TJ on Monday March 31, 2008 @ 04:38 PM
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At my real job, I've been working a lot lately on an small internet start up that is slated to get really big in the next year. Well last week I had an interview with my boss and the CEO and during the meeting the CEO told my boss that "I am doing a phenomenal job" and "he's lucky to have me" on the account. That made my day. And then to top it off same week I was on a conference call with another client doing some consulting for a business aquisition and the client said to my boss "Make sure you keep him around" referring to me of course. Wow... those are nice comments. Now I still have a big head from all that... and I know I might be boasting here but this is MY BLOG what you expect me talk about?

Posted by TJ on Friday December 14, 2007 @ 11:57 AM
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Okay so I was just sitting in my cubicle minding my business when one of our clients/friend of boss comes in and talks with the manager....

(Client arrives unexpected)
Cleint: Hey George
My Coworker : Hey you off from work today?
Client : yeah I'm on vacation... They told me I have 6 days left so I figured I'd should take em now
My Coworker : Oh no, really?
Client : yeah they expire at the end of year
My Coworker : Oh.. now I get it... for a second I thought you meant your doctor told you that.

Posted by TJ on Tuesday September 18, 2007 @ 10:26 AM
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If you happen to be a office cleaner make sure you are following these steps to be the average cleaning professional.

  1. Fill up all soap/paper towel dispensers (and lock if available) and but make sure that you do not feed into dispenser.
  2. If you have to vacuum make sure to vacuum but only vacuum center of rugs to save time.
  3. Spray a lot of Lysol and put blue dye into toilets but never actually clean the toilets
  4. Empty all garbages, but don't pick up anything that fell out of garbage, that's too much work
  5. Wear a lot of perfume/cologne. Be like most cleaners and smell like you just knocked off the perfume display case at department store.
  6. Make sure you only clean after hours so no one else is there when you cleaning so they can't say you don't spend enough time.
  7. Either leave stacks and stacks of extra supplies in the bathroom so you do not need to comeback often or not enough so your clients are happy to see you each time.
  8. There's no need to clean every space every time. If you alternate missing spots people may never notice.

Posted by TJ on Thursday August 9, 2007 @ 02:06 AM
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My timesheet is what I use at work
My timesheet is the toughest part of my job
My timesheet needs to have at least 7.5 hours of work on it a day
My timesheet tells my boss what i did that day
My timesheet has my favorite code which is holiday
My timesheet has to be done on monday of everyweek
My timesheet is an excel spreadsheet
My timesheet has macro's
My timesheet has formulas
My timesheet rollforwards by itself

yeah... thats my timesheet. I perfected the timesheet over the course of my employement so now when I hit a button it saves the current week, ads the current week to a log of all time, clears all data, updates the dates for the new week and saves the new week file with the date in the filename. Yup that is my timesheet. Why are you interested in my timesheet anyway? Why did you read this whole thing?