So thank god it's friday
Posted by TJ on Saturday April 19, 2008 @ 03:54 AM
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Ok so I don't normally post about my daily life in this blog because that'd probably get boring as my life is pretty boring. However yesterday was so assiduous I just to have post about it. It all started with going to work this morning. I knew my boss or other manager wasn't going to be in today so I took upon myself to issue a dress down Friday and parted from my normal business casual attire. It's kinda weird on Fridays anyway becuase my office has two firm's working side by side and one has dress down fridays and the one I work for doesn't. So it's kinda like going to a party overdressed every friday. But you know how they say it's to be over dressed than under and I sole heartedly agree in this situation. Like always I left my house at 9:00 am to be to work at my start time of 9:00am (notice something weird here?). I just finished with tax season so I didn't feel like working much. However, I received an alert that we had to get schedules to an IRS auditor for one of big corp's. So I prepared these at a leisurely pace. Once 5:30 hit I made sure I was on my way to my car. I got in the apartment and felt tired so I took a nap until about 8pm. This was perfect becuase my roomates have left by then and I'm anti-social so I having the place to my self. I then sat down and put a netflix movie in the DVD and watched it on the $1,000 TV DVD setup that I purchased last year. The movie was "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" and was turned off quickly becuase I realized that I already seen this movie. I found another movie laying around in the apartment movie and put this in. Around 11 o'clock I realized I forgot to eat dinner and developed a perfect craving for the perfect meal Ramon Noodles. So I cooked up a package. So then I cooked up a package. No I did just repeat that unintentionally as I cooked two packages one after the other as I was more hungry then I thought and those ramon noodles are so damn good. I finished out the night by drinking a bottle of beer. Now I know drinking alone is a sign of alcoholism but so is denial and I just told all the world that I drink alone so that's not denial. Now why I am I writing this again? Oh yeah ... to tell you just how exciting my friday was... that will have to wait till next friday I guess

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