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Posted by TJ on Thursday October 6, 2011 @ 11:52 AM
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[Music: Something Vague - Bright Eyes]

I love the lyrics Conor Oberst puts into his songs. I think that the people's favorite may vary greatly has his tones in his songs vary greatly but I'm interested in finding more great songs by Bright Eyes.

Here are a few of my favorite Bright Eyes Songs:
1) Something Vague on the Fevers & Mirrors Album
2) Four Winds from album Cassadaga
3) Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh, on the Fevers & Mirrors Album

So, what are your favorite songs?

Posted by TJ on Thursday September 23, 2010 @ 11:13 AM
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So that is what the other TJ Miller looks like...

User submitted image

Saw this when reading an article on

Posted by TJ on Wednesday December 3, 2008 @ 12:55 PM
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Here are some famous people/Celebrities from my Mount Kisco, NY (10549). I just moved here so I really didn't know any of these until now (except DMX).

* Michael Eisner was born here.
* John Schneider, TV actor, (The Dukes of Hazzard) was born here.
* Gavin McLeod, actor, was born here
* DMX owns a house here and the Mt Kisco, Applebees is is among his favorite hangouts.
* Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20) lives here.
* singer Mariah Carey lived here
* Actress Susan Dey best known for her roles in The Partridge Family and L.A. Law grew up here.

There's a lot more who live in Bedford which I live of on the border of:
* Billy Baldwin
* Mariah Carey, vocalist, actress
* Chevy Chase
* Glenn Close
* Peter Frampton, Grammy-award winning musician
* Felicity Huffman, Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe-winning film and television actress
* John Jay, founding father, diplomat, first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, co-author of the Federalist Papers
* Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., environmental activist and son of the late Robert F. Kennedy
* Ralph Lauren, fashion designer and business executive
* Jennifer O'Neill, actress, accidentally shot herself at her residence in the hamlet of Bedford Hills
* Martha Stewart, business magnate, author, editor and homemaking advocate; owns a home in the Katonah hamlet
* Donald Trump, business executive, entrepreneur, television personality and author
* Bill W., co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, resident of Bedford, 1941-1971
* Roone Arledge, sports broadcasting pioneer, resident of Bedford late 1960s - early 1970s.

I only listed the one's I knew so there are plenty more.

What famous people live in your town?

Posted by TJ on Monday August 25, 2008 @ 07:42 PM
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[Music: Blind Melon - Three Is a Magic Number]

Here is a glimpse of what is going on in my mind...

Three is a magic number
Ya it is, its a magic number
Somewhere in that ancient mystic trinity
You'll get three
As a magic number
The past, the present, the future,
Faith, and hope, and charity,
The heart, the brain, the body,
Will give you three,
Its a magic number

It takes three legs to make a tripod or to make a table stand,
And it takes three wheels to make a vehicle called a tricycle
And every triangle has three corners,
Every triangle has three sides,
No more, no less,
You dont have to guess
That it's three
Can't you see?
Its a magic number

A man and a woman had a little baby
Yeah they did
And there were three in the family
And thats a magic number

3, 6, 9,
12, 15, 18,
21, 24, 27,

Now multiply backwards from 3x10
3x10 is 30
3x9 is 27
3x8 is 24
3x7 is 21
3x6 is 18
3x5 is 15
3x4 is 12
And 3x3 is 9
And 3x2 is 6
And 3x1 is 3 of course
(now dig the pattern once more!)

3, 6, 9,
12, 15, 18
Oh yeah

3x10 is 30
3x9 is 27
3x8 is 24
3x7 is 21
3x6 is 18
3x5 is 15
3x4 is 12
And 3x3 is 9
And 3x2 is 6
And 3x1
What is it?

A man and a woman had a little baby
There were three in the family
And that's a magic number

Posted by TJ on Friday July 11, 2008 @ 10:50 AM
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Okay this domain never was more relevant as I am in process of purchasing my own home, a 2 bed 1.5 bath Condo in Mt Kisco. I am set to close any where between 7/31 and 8/15. Here's a first sneak peak of my new home, let's call it TJSHOME.

User submitted image

Posted by TJ on Monday July 7, 2008 @ 03:56 PM
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My whole life I've never was in debt. Living paycheck to paycheck just wasnt my style. I've never carried a balance on my credit card. I did use student loans while in college but only to take advantage of the low interest rates and was sure to pay them off within 6 months of graduating.

Now I did make some concessions to avoid debt for 27 years:
  • I went to Community college,
  • I started out with a crappy car once I got my license even though I had 30k available to me. In fact the car couldn't even go more than 3 miles or else it overheated
  • I got a job as soon as some one would hire me at age of 16 and even had two part time jobs for most of the time while still juggling high school and college.
  • I was had to endure my friends and family calling me the cheap one because I never spent wads on toys or electronics..oh the pain.
Well now I enter the debt zone in a couple months with my first house. The 30 fixed mortgage is sure to put me in debt for along time. And the state of the economy and the housing market doesn't help ease anything. I will still not be living paycheck to paycheck as I made sure to keep more than 3 months emergency fund (on top of money for closing costs and furnishings), however, I think that I am going to make it my sole objective to pay off the mortgage in as little time as realistically possible. Now looking at my savings over the last month I could have possibly afforded a 15 year mortage, or $753/month more in mortgage payments. This of course leaves little room for unforseen circumstances and wouldnt be that smart of financial plan. But I think what I am going to do is save my money at the same pace I always have been and once I saved enough to make an extra payment I will (for instance make two payments in one month) and if I average at least 6 extra payments a year I would not only be financially free in half the time but save my self ~200k in interest. During my loan prequalification I made sure to clear up that two things were available with my loan online payments and no prepayment penalties to make paying off early easier.

Posted by TJ on Thursday June 19, 2008 @ 12:53 PM
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I am accepting applications to turn my car into a mobile billboard. I have a 2007 Honda Accord and will be willing to advertise any company you so choose in Westchester County, NY. I also frequently drive my car (about once per Month) to the NYC to visit clients.

I will charge between $100-500/Month based on size of advertisement.

Send applications to helpmygasbill@tjshome·com

Posted by TJ on Friday May 16, 2008 @ 06:28 PM
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Okay so I got nervous shits a lot and I finally took it upon myself to search the internet for more information on the causes and potentials cure. It really sucks when you have an event/meeting/interview/test/date to goto and your ready to walk out the door and you suddenly feel like you have to crap. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything very useful except for link below. If anybody has experience or information please post as I'd like to hear your crappy stories.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the crap post.


EDIT: Limited the profanity in this post to get the ads to show up. Hey if I'm gonna devulge personal information about my bowel movements I should get revenue from it right?...right?

Posted by TJ on Saturday April 19, 2008 @ 03:54 AM
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Ok so I don't normally post about my daily life in this blog because that'd probably get boring as my life is pretty boring. However yesterday was so assiduous I just to have post about it. It all started with going to work this morning. I knew my boss or other manager wasn't going to be in today so I took upon myself to issue a dress down Friday and parted from my normal business casual attire. It's kinda weird on Fridays anyway becuase my office has two firm's working side by side and one has dress down fridays and the one I work for doesn't. So it's kinda like going to a party overdressed every friday. But you know how they say it's to be over dressed than under and I sole heartedly agree in this situation. Like always I left my house at 9:00 am to be to work at my start time of 9:00am (notice something weird here?). I just finished with tax season so I didn't feel like working much. However, I received an alert that we had to get schedules to an IRS auditor for one of big corp's. So I prepared these at a leisurely pace. Once 5:30 hit I made sure I was on my way to my car. I got in the apartment and felt tired so I took a nap until about 8pm. This was perfect becuase my roomates have left by then and I'm anti-social so I having the place to my self. I then sat down and put a netflix movie in the DVD and watched it on the $1,000 TV DVD setup that I purchased last year. The movie was "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" and was turned off quickly becuase I realized that I already seen this movie. I found another movie laying around in the apartment movie and put this in. Around 11 o'clock I realized I forgot to eat dinner and developed a perfect craving for the perfect meal Ramon Noodles. So I cooked up a package. So then I cooked up a package. No I did just repeat that unintentionally as I cooked two packages one after the other as I was more hungry then I thought and those ramon noodles are so damn good. I finished out the night by drinking a bottle of beer. Now I know drinking alone is a sign of alcoholism but so is denial and I just told all the world that I drink alone so that's not denial. Now why I am I writing this again? Oh yeah ... to tell you just how exciting my friday was... that will have to wait till next friday I guess

Posted by TJ on Monday February 18, 2008 @ 11:48 AM
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I always dream of hosting a huge bash and booking a popular band for entertainment. Of course, I'll have to become rich first. My pick would probably be Hootie and the Blowfish. They have a sound that almost everybody likes, they seem like a cool band to meet, their music is perfect for a party, and they are not too popular anymore so their prices shouldn't too high. Right?... they can't be too expensive? Well according to Clear Channel College Entertainment Guide at least you will have to drop $100k for a performance. So it looks like I may have to win the lotto first.

Posted by TJ on Friday January 18, 2008 @ 06:16 PM
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That's right,
The chess-king dies at age 64 and there's 64 squares on the chess board.**

For the tin foiled headed conspirarist this is the perfect concidence for a conspiracy theory.

RIP to Bobby Fisher 1/18/08.

**Some could argue that the chess board actually contains 204 squares if you count the squares made by individual squares, but let's not get too technical here. 8x8 + 7x7 + 6x6 + 5x5 + 4x4 + 3x3 + 2x2 + 1x1=204

Posted by TJ on Wednesday January 2, 2008 @ 12:46 AM
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Cool things happening in 2007

Coney Island for the 1st time
Atlantic City - Bachelor's party
40% raise
Snow boarding for the 1st time
Hiking Breakneck Ridge Trail
Got my CPA license
Clubbing in NYC
Six Flags

Things learned in 2007

Don't let your meter expire if you have an expired NYS inspection
I'm allergic to breakfast

Things heard too much in 2007 but hopefully forgetten by 2008:
Britney Spears
Paris Hilton
Steroids in baseball

Thinks to look forward to in 2008:
Soon to be former president bush.

Worst thing to happen in 2007:

End of the Torre management of Yankees
Shootings at Virginia Tech

TJ's Site of the Year: : You can select an artist and it will create a music station with songs by the artist and similar sounding music

Things to do in 2008
It's kind of a shame I do not already do some of these...

Smile when ever I meet someone
Do more bike riding
Drink more water
Sleep at least 7 hours a day
Strengthen my handshake
Win a million dollars (at least)
Buy a house/condo
Take a week vacation
Don't let my job get in my way of having a good time
Eat three meals a day
See a doctor (I haven't in at least 5 years)

Posted by TJ on Thursday December 13, 2007 @ 01:16 PM
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It's interesting to see how much time you spend doing minuscule things over the course of a year. I have estimated just that, I tried to account to every hour of the year, however, some where about 950 hours are unaccounted for.

Statistics up in the air 2007.

I spent 2652 hours sleeping or 7 hours/day sleeping
I spent 365 hours in a car or 15 days
I spent 182 hours or 7 ½ days in the shower
I spent 364 hours updating my website averaging about $9/hour
I spent 2527 hours working @ $$/hr
I spent 400 hours watching sports (Yankees/Giants)
I spent 200 hours with family
I spent 130 hours with friends
I spent 16 hours playing Madden 2008 PC
I spent 730 hours lunch/eating/preparing food
I spent 210 hours watching movies

Disclaimer: amounts are estimated and subject to error

That’s 7796 hours out of 8,760 total hours accounted for. 964 hours are lost in oblivion.

Posted by TJ on Wednesday December 5, 2007 @ 12:42 PM
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This is one of those stories I never told anyone. This is an Tjs Blog exclusive. Grab some popcorn sit tight in your chair and read the intense story.

I never broke or sprained a bone(that I know of), however, when I was still in grade school.. probably 3rd or 4th grade we were at recess and was on a swing with a couple other classmates. The other two jumped off and as I was about to follow the counselor said "don't jump off you're going to hurt self" well me being the show off and juvenile I jumped off anyway and landed on my arm and hurt it quite badly. I however didn't tell anyone because I was embarrassed at my stupidity and too young then to have my masculinity scarred. Well anytime someone simply brushed aside my arm or I moved it the wrong way the pain shot through like hell. That made walking the halls hard as people would frequently banged their book bags against it. I remember needing to run to the bathroom so no one would notice the pain I was in. Fortunately it eventually (maybe about a month or two) healed by itself.

Okay I apologize for embellishing the drama for such a boring badly told story ... I just needed to get that. I feel so relieved now.

Posted by TJ on Monday November 5, 2007 @ 01:08 PM
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[Mood: Angry]

What's That suppose to mean?

That's gooing to be my new favorite question.

I'll expand later

Posted by TJ on Thursday September 13, 2007 @ 02:34 AM
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[Mood: tired]

I havent been able to do much of anything lately as I've been spending my time at my office filing tax extension due September 15, 2007. Thanks to the internet though I have been able to keep up with most things. I have been buying new boxers and tshirts on the internet as needed since I have no time to do laundry and Every night I log onto youtube and watch the hottest tv shows I missed (yeah I saw Britney bomb). I also have a blockbuster online rental membership so I can even rent movies and return them (unwatched though).

Next I'm gonna start Google Image Searching beds instead of sleep.

The website changed servers and as a result the Rss feed was down due to technicalities but it is live again so make sure you resubscribe.

After tax season I plan on adding a couple new pages so stay tuned.

Posted by TJ on Thursday September 6, 2007 @ 04:06 PM
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Yes, I think have good people skills, what kind of idiot question is that?

Posted by TJ on Friday August 24, 2007 @ 01:28 PM
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I am sick of hearing this phrase. Although the phrase is nothing new, for some reason I have been hearing this phrase way too much lately too keep my sanity. I first noted hearing it when the Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees used it to describe his relationship to Derrick Jeter during the 2007 off season and then from there it seems I have been hearing the phrase at least once a day in my office.

I think the phrase is perfect for those times when you need to say something but have nothing to say. But really people stop using it for your answer to everything.

Athlete's have been using this phrase for years in an attempt to sum up their troubles. Infact USA Today awarded the phrase the #1 Cliche of 2004. (USA Today)

The many meanings of "it is what it is":

  • A phrase that seems to simply state the obvious but actually implies helplessness.
  • Meanings it is not going to change, so deal with it or don't.
  • Do not over think the situation. a reminder to keep things simple, dont over analyze things, or a way to put a definition on something thats hard to explain.
  • Normally used to describe something of irrelevance or an acceptance of the situation.
  • Used primarily to cause confusion to the listener.

--Compiled from

Posted by TJ on Friday July 27, 2007 @ 12:27 PM
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I do a lot of shopping online because I hate stores. Today I decided to see exactly how much I spend at my most common online stop... here's the list

KRZR USB Cable22.95
Sims 2 (gift)25.82
Tommy Hilfiger Belt19.99
Nautica Polo27.89
Ethernet card17.99
Kenneth Kole shirt29.90
Geoffrey Beane Dress shirt29.99
Izod Dress shirt9.88
Geoffrey Beane Dress shirt11.25
Geoffrey Beane Dress shirt11.25
Geoffrey Beane Dress shirt11.25
Norelco Elec Shaver30.75
Logitech Mouse12.90
Skagen Watch73.00
MVP Baseball29.99
Utility Knife9.99
Plier Set13.96

2007 (Through July 27th 2007)
iHome clock Radio99.99
Monitor Cleaning Wipes7.75
Wired Magazine Subscription5.00
Bike Rack99.99
PC TV-Tuner49.99

I got some pretty good deals on name brand items. You can too by using the Amazon Deal Finder Here

Amazon Deal Finder

Posted by TJ on Friday June 22, 2007 @ 03:48 PM
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I've been quiet and reserved for most of my life. I can not remember exactly when it clicked in or if its just been there forever. I've thought about it and I'm sure a lot of those close to me think about it...what makes me so damn quiet? So here's an attempt at list that I will start and add to as time goes on.

  • I do not like to ask stupid questions - most people like to ask questions just to make conversion, I only like to ask questions when I really want to hear the answer.
  • I do not like to lie - It seems, at least to me, that most big talkers are also big liars. Half the crap coming out of their mouths is either lies or big exaggerations of what really happens. I keep it real and to the point.
  • My mother named me Tim - So I took it upon myself to be Timid
  • I'm an introvert - Most people think this is the same as being shy but they are wrong there's a good article here:

  • Abraham Lincoln is my role model: He once said "'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."

    There are some times I think of something to say but quickly put in reserve.

    I may add some later.. but yeah... now you know and do not have to ask.

Posted by TJ on Monday June 4, 2007 @ 04:40 PM
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What? .. Let me explain...

First before you spend(ask for) a favor you have to make sure you enough in the bank. Ask yourself have I done something for this person that would make them want to help?

Bank your favors Always invest your favors so when you'll need a favor you can withdraw.

Make sure your investing in the right favor funds
Ask yourself: Has the fund helped me when in need? Am I just putting all my favors in and not getting any favors in return? You want to make sure you your getting a good return on investment.

Limit your loans Nobody likes debt. If you have a a favor loan make sure to repay quickly. Interest does accrue and is unfortunately not a viable tax deduction.

Posted by TJ on Monday May 28, 2007 @ 04:07 AM
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I've been thin all my life. And by now, since I am 26 years of age, am tolerable to the fact that I will never be of average weight but slightly less. A lot of people made riches off publishing their guide to weight loss and often people encourage me to do the same. I've meant for years to do so however have come to a block in the road on all occasions. However I do now know the recipe and will now write it here for free without any published book title "Tjs Diet" or ever clever naming scheme. The secret to thinness is to fidget for whatever worth. Never stay still.. if you sitting move you are leg up and down in a fast uncontrallable motion ...if you are waiting for company to arrive walk around your house in circles to they arrive...if you are sleeping, move around the bed so much that when you wake your sheets are no longer on the bed... chew your pens to the ink fills your mouth... when you are nervous have your hands tremble in an uncontrollable fashion so when your passing a drink to a friend the drink splashes to the ground... make constants trips to the fridge open it, see nothing you like and close the fridge, open again and repeat just to close again and take nothing...

These are some of the things I do every day without noticing. These are the things I think make it impossible to gain weight. Unfortunetely for those who do not fidget I do not beleive that controlable fidgeting is a weight loss possibility.

I'll try to conitinue when I'm sober...

Posted by TJ on Monday January 8, 2007 @ 09:54 PM
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[Mood: blah]

So I have a pretty interesting commute to work. I drive from Westchester NY to NYC about 4 times a week to go to my clients. A couple days ago I decided to take pictures along the way and will share them here. Now the pictures were taken by me while I was driving so do not expect great quality or even that interesting...

Here is where I start out, Westchester avenue in Purchase. Not the cloudy skies :/

Here is NYS newest monument along side the Hutchinson river Parkway. A cell tower that suppose to look like a tree but looks more like an over obtrusive cell tower.

If you can see the fog that is the George Washington bridge.

Now were on 9A, this is where you would usually hit traffic, but none today...yay!

Random image of the West Side parkway...

The A-rod parkway is on the list of NYS parkway names too...

This truck must of made a wrong turn somewhere.

My next car is going to be a helicopter

Chelsea Piers

This is where I get my Oil Change

Car Wash + Vacuum + Oil Change + Free Parking = $30

Posted by TJ on Thursday January 4, 2007 @ 11:11 AM
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[Mood: blah]
[Music: My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade]

Yeah I bet you thought I was going just make the first post and never post again. Actually, I probably have better odds if I bet that no one read my blog yet. Though, that is how 90% of blogs probably end, one post and the blogger forgets about it and never post again. Well I made it to two blogs now so I beat that already.

I just finished the blog.. and you can now add comments! Please comment so I know some one reads this thing...

I mean I am also doing this for my personal use any way. Next year I think it would be cool to look back and say , oh last year on January 2nd the most entertaining thing I had going on was I cashed in my change for $375... Whatta loser! heh.

Any way thanks for reading... uh.. me.. thank me for reading...

Posted by TJ on Tuesday January 2, 2007 @ 12:56 PM
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[Mood: blah]

I have been wanting to start posting a blog for a while now. I just needed the time and more importantly the ambition to create the code. Yeah that's correct, most people just write in their blogs.. I write the code for the blog then write in the blog.

What people do not realize is how much trouble it takes to create each new page on I create, manage, and run everything on myself. To give you an idea of the work that goes into each page here are the components this blog needed to get up and running:
  • Database - This is where the data is stored
  • Form - This is the form that I use to write a new blog (162 lines of code)
  • Processor - This previews the blog and processes the submitted dated. Here we puts the blog into codeable content and adds it to the database so the data can be recalled later. (172 lines of code)
  • Administration - This will have a list blogs so I can go back and edit/delete blogs at a later date. I still have to create this. I still have to code this page. (100-150 lines of code)
  • Main page - this is page you;re reading now. Here we recall the data from the database and put it into a nice readable layout. (250 lines of code)

So yea that's what takes to create a new page. It is a lot of typing, coding, testing, and recoding. But I hope it was worth it and at least some people will read my useless ramblings. The ability to add/post comments will come within the next few days.

And on a fun note...
Over the weekend I went to Commerce Bank and used their Penny Arcade to cash all my change. The machine counts all your change for you and then you goto the teller to get your money. Those people at Commerce Bank sure are helpfull and friendly too, seriously. It is a lot better than those machines you see at the supermarket because the bank does not charge a fee.
Here is a pic of the change bottle before I cashed it in:

This netted me $375.11 ... Woot!