I never broke or sprained a bone(that I know of),
Posted by TJ on Wednesday December 5, 2007 @ 12:42 PM
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This is one of those stories I never told anyone. This is an Tjs Blog exclusive. Grab some popcorn sit tight in your chair and read the intense story.

I never broke or sprained a bone(that I know of), however, when I was still in grade school.. probably 3rd or 4th grade we were at recess and was on a swing with a couple other classmates. The other two jumped off and as I was about to follow the counselor said "don't jump off you're going to hurt self" well me being the show off and juvenile I jumped off anyway and landed on my arm and hurt it quite badly. I however didn't tell anyone because I was embarrassed at my stupidity and too young then to have my masculinity scarred. Well anytime someone simply brushed aside my arm or I moved it the wrong way the pain shot through like hell. That made walking the halls hard as people would frequently banged their book bags against it. I remember needing to run to the bathroom so no one would notice the pain I was in. Fortunately it eventually (maybe about a month or two) healed by itself.

Okay I apologize for embellishing the drama for such a boring badly told story ... I just needed to get that. I feel so relieved now.

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