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Posted by TJ on Saturday January 9, 2016 @ 06:25 PM
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Happy New Year's Guys... We just wanted to check-in and talk about messages that appear on the "Funny Status Message" page that are not funny status messages .

In order to keep the content relevant and current we allow submissions to be posted live on our website immediately. We understand that this can cause issues since the content in submissions could be offensive and not funny and not represent the content we are looking for. While we are can not possibly be on here reviewing messages in real time we try to at least check-in once a day and do some moderating. The last few days we took a vacation and that is why you seen an influx of poor status submissions that were not effectively moderated. We apologize for this and we will be checking in more frequently to help keep the content interesting.

We also rely on support from our community for moderating status message submissions as well. One thing that visitors may do when they see a poor submission is post a comment about a posts using the "Funny Status Submission" Form in response, which is counterproductive as this will only be adding to the number of poor submissions. We recommend you do the following when you see a poor status submission:
  • 1) Vote the message down by click the Thumbs Down icon (User submitted image). This will help us quickly spot the poor submissions when we moderate.

  • 2) If you have a comment or response regarding a submission post your comment by clicking the number in the Comments (0) indicator. Do not respond to messages using the status message submission form.

  • 3) You can also contact us using the contact form:

Posted by TJ on Thursday September 24, 2015 @ 12:58 AM
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Hi All...

We recently updated the server which is running new faster PHP and MySql. If anyone is noticing any bugs please let us know. We just resolved a bug where some submissions were not getting into our database due to a query error. For those that this effected, we apologize for the error.

We also want to get your thoughts on a couple items we are thinking about implementing:

1) We are finally considering removing the outdated "X is", "X says", etc., from the beginning of all status messages.
2) We are considering adding a login so users can easily post under a username and track their messages, their thumbs up and thumbs down and comments. This will take some time and work though.
3) Also let us know if you have any other ideas

Thanks for visiting

Update 10/21/2015: We improved the search engine function. Now when you search the default is to sort by rating so you should get better results now.

Update 10/29/2015: We made additional tweaks to the search engine. You should be able to sort results and see the most recent results for your name.

Update 10/30/2015: For mobile devices we made the next page easier to hit. Let us know what you think. You will not notice a change unless you are on a mobile device.

Posted by TJ on Tuesday January 31, 2012 @ 12:21 AM
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Many people are asking why we got rid of the "last page" button on the pagination bar for the funny status page. The reason is simple, we found that the MySQL query required to show the last page causes huge strain on the server. This query is inefficient and there are much better ways to get the most recent messages already implemented on the site (see pic below).

If you want to see the most recent status messages there is a simple method to do this click the "Recent" button at the top of the funny status page. This button sorts the messages with the most recent messages first.

Were sorry for the inconvenience this has caused but it should lead to a faster and improved overall performance of the site.

Recent Status Messages
User submitted image

Posted by TJ on Sunday October 30, 2011 @ 03:08 PM
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We are (finally) working on a new layout for We hope this new layout will be easier on the eyes, make it faster to find things, and enable better viewing on mobile and other devices...

Let us know what you think with a comment below.

Update: We are going to migrate to the new layout on 12-16-2011 @ 8:00pm. There may be some downtime during the update.


Posted by TJ on Wednesday May 20, 2009 @ 04:25 PM
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Oops, if you subscribe to my .rss you have some reading to do. I messed up the php query for the rss a while back and limited the rss to blogs with id<180. This means none of my blogs were getting added to the feed. Sorry for the millions of people I inconvenienced.

Posted by TJ on Sunday May 17, 2009 @ 10:58 PM
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Here you can discuss your results from the colorblind selftest. Let us know what you expected and what the results were.

Note: Post your comments below using the "Post a comment form". The form does not accept html code.

Take the test:
My Answers:
Colorblind Facts:

Let me start off this with a message from a visitor which prompted this post:
Mr. Kelly McClanahan said:
I took your test, knowing already that I was colorblind. I would like to pass on how I explain to people what it is like. I liken it to reading a foreign language. You can make out certain words, and perhaps make out what is trying to be said, but since you do not read it, you cannot fully understand what is being said.

Of the six questions, I only got 2 correct, 1 and 4. Being red/green colorblind, and now 40, I have learned to deal with this in my own way. I see bright colors better than dark, and I am used to asking what a color is, even a stranger.

Posted by TJ on Thursday April 16, 2009 @ 12:28 AM
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Rules and updates for the status message page.

FAQ's for Status Message Submissions

What types of message submissions are prohibited?

  • Messages containing sexual, adult or mature content
  • Messages containing excessive profanity, violent language, or racial intolerance
  • Messages with attempts to circumvent the bad word filter (ie: sh*T).
  • Messages specifically asking users to vote "thumbs down" or "thumbs up"
  • Trolling or off-topic irrelevant messages. This is not the place for political opinions with no intent on humor.
  • Messages that contain comments about another message or contributor.
  • Messages that comment about the webpage or its staff
  • Message containing excessive grammar errors
  • Messages typed IN ALL CAPS or TyPeD LyKe ThIs.
  • Excessive use or incorrect use of punctuation !!!!! ,,,,, ####$@!.

Why was I banned or why are my submissions being restricted?
  • You used the status submission form to post comments about another message or contributor.
  • You used the status submission form to post a comment about the webpage.
  • You posted messages without regard for the prohibited messages stated above.
  • You abused the voting systems by submitting multiple votes to one message.

Why was my message deleted?
  • You posted a prohibited message as noted above.
  • A similar message already exist in the database.
  • The message did not relate to the page topic (IE: Funny Status Messages).

How do I report a status message that breaks any of the rules above?
  • Give the message a "thumbs down" vote
  • Post a comment by clicking the comment indicator link below each message and explain your concerns
  • Use the comment form below
  • send an email to the If you email us regarding an particular message YOU MUST provide the exact message you are referring to, otherwise, we will not respond to your comments and they will be discarded.
Where should I post comments regarding a particular status message or comments regarding the site in general?
  • You can comment on a particular status message by clicking the comment(#) indicator link below each status message
  • You can submit general comments regarding the website (IE: feature request, bugs, hatemail etc.) using the comment form below
How can I contact the webmaster?If you submitted a message that you think was unduly deleted, or have any other comments regarding the page you can send an email using the contact form:

Status Page Changelog:
** Comments Enabled Again 02-28-2010 However in an effort to curb the abuse you must now submit a status message and have it be approved by a moderator before being able to post a comment. This should work well because who are you to comment on a status message without one of your own?

** Comments Suspended indefinitely 02-26-2010 I just spent an hour cleaning up the database of worthless crap. The people who post status messages about people's comments or worst then the abusive commentors themselves. Remember the status message form is for status messages only! If you keep on abusing the live database I am going to make status message submissions subject to approval before being posted.

** Removed Facebook "like" button Temporarily 06-28-2010
We removed the "Like" button from the main index as we think it was putting too much load on our servers. We are in the process of updating our host to handle more traffic so stay tuned.

** Implemented Facebook "like" button 06-27-2010
We added the facebook like button to give users the ability to share their favorite status messages in their profile with one click. This helps increase the reach of our website. If you don't want a link to posted to your wall then don't click the button. The thumbs up and thumb down buttons will perform as they always have and are not related to the facebook like button.

** Added Facebook Share button 04-25-2010
You can now easily paste a link to any status message to your Facebook profile. To find the share button click the Comment(#) indicator under a status message. This uses Facebook connect so you must be logged into Facebook before you use the button. I will add Twitter share links on the next update. I may also add the share button to each message on the main pages.

** Updated Fixed by rating 04-24-2010
I changed the mysql for sort by rating. It use to sort by the total number of votes (up votes - down votes) now it sorts by the percentage of up votes to total votes, a more accurate way to find the best messages.

** House Cleaning 03-25-2010
Reformatted this post into FAQ to make easy to understand since a lot of people are missing the point.

** House Cleaning 03-03-2010
Yes, I deleted about 5 pages of status messages. I need your help to get back to 300 pages so start posting some good messages! I deleted messages mostly based on poor ratings. How the administration works is when a message is submitted it is automatically added to the live site, however, it sits in a bin for me to review. I review new messages daily and delete the ones that are inappropriate, however, the messages that aren't immediately deleted still sit in a bin until I click them off to be added permanently. For this step I like to wait to the messages get enough ratings to help determine whether the messages should be deleted, be filtered, or be permanent. Well... The bin was getting quite large and slowing the administration page so I finally went through all the messages again (about 1000+) and deleted those with terrible ratings and added the others.

** Notice 03-01-10
How to properly report a message
If you find a duplicate message or overly offensive message please either post a comment in the message you are reporting. If you want to refer to another message such as "RERUN same as [[other message]]" use the message ID number. You can find a messages ID # by clicking the comment(#) indicator under each message and looking in the address bar of your browser you will see{{message ID #}}. Use this unique id number to refer to a message.

** Update 02-14-10 New Page Added: I put this together really quick so it's not too easy on the eyes. This page lists the 50 last comments posted.

** Update 02-14-10
New Comments feature - You can now comment on individual status messages. Below each message is the "comments (0)" indicator. Click the number to comment on an individual message. This feature is in BETA mode and we will monitor its use and decide whether to make it a permanent feature in the next few weeks. It will be removed if it's not used or if it is abused.

** Update 1/20/10
I don't know why so many people think politics make good FUNNY status messages. This site is not a political forum. Tjshome does not take sides, we will delete every message that involves politics (unless it's funny, which is unlikely given the topic).

** Update 1/03/10
Happy New Year Everybody! I have improved the system for banning people who are using the submission form incorrectly. The submission form is for Status Message only! Anybody who post comments relating to other messages or comments regarding the website will be swiftly banned from posting additional messages. I don't want the status message page to turn into a chat session. If you have any comments regarding a particular message or this site post using the comment form below NOT the status submission form.

** Update 11/29/09 - Bandwidth Exceeded no more -
I hopefully have put an end to the "Bandwidth Exceeded" notices. On Saturday and at the end of last month the website went down because it exceeded the bandwidth limits set by my host. This means is generating more traffic then ever before (which is a good thing). Last month the host increased my bandwidth limits and they have again agreed to allocate even more (a lot more this time) since we broke the revised limit. With the new increased limits we will be able to provide adequate bandwidth for the future and hopefully we won't be seeing these notices again. My suspect is that some of this bandwidth usage is malicious and we will be examining our logs to ban suspicious ip addresses from accessing the site.

** Update 11/16/09
I fixed an IE bug which was graying out all messages after a messages without a name. I was missing a span close tag. If you notice any bugs please report them below.

** Update 11/03/09
I banned more people who were posting offensive comments or posting comments relating to the page or other messages. Please follow the simple guidelines above. If problems persists I will have to make messages subject to moderator approval before being shown.

** Update 11/3/09 - Automod
I've been testing an automod script I wrote to help me out a little bit with the moderating. The script will automatically set a message to "filtered" if it receives a certain amount of "thumbs down". The messages won't get deleted but you would only be able to see these message if you turn the filter off. Also, messages that were previously set to "filtered" will automatically be unfiltered if they receive a certain number of "thumbs up". You can help by rating messages with their appropriate rating!

** Update 11/01/09
I deleted all racist messages and all messages relating to the racist messages. There were about 3 racist messages and 20 messages talking about those messages. Please people if you have an issue with a message post it here using the comment for below... not as a status message submission. By posting here your concerns will be dealt with quicker.

** Update 10/07/09
Ratings are back... blame my crappy coding.

** Update 10/6/09
1.) You can now use your twitter username to submit status messages. A link to your twitter page will be included with the message.
2.) I added a character counter to the status message submit form. Messages are, and always have been, limited to 255 characters. I may add an option filter for only messages that are less than 140 characters for twitter users.

** Update 5/18/09:
1.) I deleted (permanently) a few pages of messages. These contained duplicates and nonsense messages (uncreative messages about poop, doing someones mom, and one word messages)

** Update 5/20/09
1.) I made it so you can now search by submitters name. To search by submitters name click the name on a status message (which is after the date submitted). Note that all messages do not have a submitters name. This feature makes it easier to keep track of all your submissions, just make sure you use a unique name when you submit messages.
2.) I also fixed the bugs in the search.

** Update May 15 2009
1.) You can now turn the filter off. This will add more messages. Be cautious though as there will be a lot of profanity, duplicates, and grammar errors.
2.) Search Messages -- You can now search messages.
3.) Added Sort by Rating to the main page

Other Updates:
** I fixed the bug that was deleting words on some message submissions.

** I started logging IP addresses and will start to ban people who keep posting comments/discussions using the status message submission form. I do not want the page to become a discussion about how much my site sucks, use the comment form below for that if you feel that way. I have a feeling it's same couple of people posting everyday.

**I am saving all the deleted messages and will post a link in the next couple days so anyone can view them. I am not sure what I should call it: (Recycle bin? Deleted status messages? Unfunny status messages?)" Any suggestions?

** I deleted all duplicate messages. If you notice a duplicate I missed please post it below.

Posted by TJ on Thursday April 16, 2009 @ 12:21 AM
[Tags: tjshome, update, facebook]

I made a page with a form that you enter your name and gender and it will create 5 random status messages for you. Have fun!

Posted by TJ on Friday February 13, 2009 @ 03:13 PM
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I am always looking for funny creative cool names to rename my wireless internet router. So... I created a page so you can submit the funny wireless WIFI networks around you.

Check it out:
Funny WiFi Network Names

Please , submit your funny wifi name!

Posted by TJ on Sunday February 24, 2008 @ 03:17 PM
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I've been doing a lot of coding for the site lately. However, no one probably has noticed or cared, except for me, of course.

The biggest change is I removed all the <Table> tags from the header and footer. The page layout is strictly done with cascading style sheets (css) and div's tags. This was done for to help rank in search engines, allow for easier mobile viewing, and to confirm with the latest coding standards. If you view the code source on any page the code that comes first is the page content and not the menu or other meaningless layout code. The content is what you want search engines to read so it helps if it's at the top of you page.

I also been working on getting rid of depreciated html tags from my code. This includes <center> and <font> tags which I had a lot of. I've replaced <center> with css style "text-align" and defined font styles in the <span> tag or sytlesheet.

Furthermore, my php is a mess. I've been trying to clean it up, however it's alot of code. I've started using indents and more code comments to to make the code look neat. I also started using more defined functions, templates, and variables to get rid of duplicate code.

Also I made more logo's so every selection on the menu now has a different logo. This is rare feature you do not see on many site's so I hope you enjoy it. :P

So one thing I noticed after the layout is now when someone does a Google search for "Tjshome" they get a list of links to my popular pages and a link to view more results from my domain. This makes me happy as this is something you can't request and it's not known how to get listed like this. I am not sure if my code changes is how I got listed , it could also be that I search for "Tjshome" or a lot to see my search results.
Screen shot:

Posted by TJ on Friday November 9, 2007 @ 03:14 PM
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[Music: Patience - Guns N Roses]

I have done some analysis on my website based on visitor statistics and other merits. You will notice some pages will be shut down upon review because they are not worth keeping as I lost interest in them and so did the rest of the viewing audience.

Free iPod - It's taken me over a year to get a free iPod so it may not be worth it to keep these pages around much longer. Offercentric has made it very difficult to earn referrals since they keep adding more site's which take referrals away from each offer. They have 4 different site's with separate requirements for iPod's alone. We will see how is doing in Q1 2007. 8.560k

Cool AIM Smiley's - For some reason people still love these. Here to stay, at least for this year. 36.5k Hits in 2007

Surveys for Myspace - Created in November 2005 and is one of the most popular pages so it definately is staying. Could use enhancements such as interface, ability to add more questions on a survey, and tracking. 2007 Hits 1,270k

Polls for Myspace - This site was created in May 2007 and although not as popular as I would like it's going to stick around for at least another year. Enhancements may include ability to add more options and interface. 2007 Hits 12k

Away Messages- This page has good page rank and is quite popular. Sticking around for a while. Enhancements may include ratings and using database for all away messages (not just the submission). 91K

Funny Status Messages - This page is new so not enough data for analysis. Only 1,100 Hits so far.

Famous Quotes - Quotes are a personal favorite of mine so this is here to stay. 2007 Hits 83k

Cool AIM Screennames - Created in 2004 with the intention of never actually selling any screen names, however, this site does draw in visitors so its going to stay. Also, I love the hate mail I receive from this site, so keep it coming. 65k Hits

Buddy Icons - A popular favorite and I think its a great page if you're looking for an icon because new additions are submitted daily. 132K hits in 2007

Avatars for Myspace - An even more popular page and I think its a great page if you're looking for an avatar because new additions are submitted daily. Enhancements may include ratings. 994K hits in 2007.

Dumb Laws - This page has great page rank and is here to stay - enhancement includes researching actual new laws to add with real sources. 74k hits in 2007

A Joke Page- This page has poor statistics and will be shut down due to lack of interest by me and others. 8k hits in 2007

Weird News - Poor statistics but I like to view these myself every so often so I will keep it for a while

Pic of the Month - Created in 2005. This page will stay. I would like to add additional material. 7k hits

Color Blindness - Created in May 2005, this page will stay. 42.5k hits.

Today in History - This page will be shut down due to lack of interest.

Great Amazon Deals - I like this page for finding good amazon deals however it has low popularity at 3.5k hits

Online Image Editor - Created in Feb 2006. Future enhancements include better user interface and more options. 120K hits in 2007.

Song Lyrics - Song lyrics are here to stay (unless I get sued). 34k hits in 2007

Acronym Dictionary - Added in July 2006, this page is still relatively new and here to stay. I like the design of this page, so I am not willing to see it go no matter how poor the popularity. Unfortunately, there is no room to grow as I think I have all the most popular acronyms. Someone make some new acronyms, quick! 4.1k hits in 2007

In the News - With less than 7,000 hits in 2007 this site is slated for removal. :(

About TJ - We need to keep this site as everybody (361 hits in 2007) is looking to read about TJ

TJ's Blog - The first post was made December 31, 2006. I am keeping this as it's relatively new and I need it to vent my frustrations and let someone hear what I have to say. Just think you wouldn't be able to read the 2008 edition of this post if I got rid of it.... now would you? 2.5k hits in 2007

Popularity Test - Created in May 2007. I am not sure why but I am not willing to let this page go. Enhancements may include more profile options and user comments feature. 3.3k hits in 2007.

Companies That Suck - Created in Jan 2007, this page is here to stay. I love writing about companies that suck and passing the information to millions (2.5 k visitors in 2007).

We recevied 3,402,391 pageviews in 2007. Of those, 1,709,455 were unique visitors. That is more visitors than people living in Maine!

Look for many new pages to come to in 2008!

Posted by TJ on Thursday October 25, 2007 @ 11:49 PM
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I created a page so you all can submit your best facebook status messages. I started it off with some good ones so check it out!

Link:Funny Status Messages

About Status Messages:

A status message is a function of some instant messaging applications whereby a user may post a message that appears automatically to other users if they attempt to make contact. It is analogous to the voice message in an answering machine or voice mail system. However, status messages may be displayed even if the person is present. They are often updated much more frequently than messages in answering machines, and thus may serve as a means of instant, limited "publication" or indirect communication.

Whereas answering machine or voice mail messages often have a generic greeting to leave a message, status messages more often contain a description of where the person is at the moment or what they are doing. Because most instant messaging clients indicate to users when their online contacts are away before they send a message, more often than not away messages are meant to be read in lieu of sending a message, rather than a response. Away messages are not to be confused with idle messages, which is an automatic reply to a message when the messaging client has determined that the replier is not at his or her computer.
Link:Funny Status Messages

Posted by TJ on Thursday September 13, 2007 @ 02:34 AM
[Tags: personal, rant, update]

[Mood: tired]

I havent been able to do much of anything lately as I've been spending my time at my office filing tax extension due September 15, 2007. Thanks to the internet though I have been able to keep up with most things. I have been buying new boxers and tshirts on the internet as needed since I have no time to do laundry and Every night I log onto youtube and watch the hottest tv shows I missed (yeah I saw Britney bomb). I also have a blockbuster online rental membership so I can even rent movies and return them (unwatched though).

Next I'm gonna start Google Image Searching beds instead of sleep.

The website changed servers and as a result the Rss feed was down due to technicalities but it is live again so make sure you resubscribe.

After tax season I plan on adding a couple new pages so stay tuned.

Posted by TJ on Saturday July 14, 2007 @ 05:44 PM
[Tags: update, tjshome, eBay]

I put the eBay auction template back online. The template enables you to make a professional looking ebay auction with out any html knowledge. I took it off line due to lack of interest but I might as well at least still link to it from here since it takes up very little space on the server.

Let me know what you think and if I can make any improvemetns.

link: eBay Auction Template

Posted by TJ on Friday July 13, 2007 @ 02:49 PM
[Tags: web design, tjshome, update]

I made a couple updates to the website. Here's a list of those updates made in the last month or so.
  • Now with the Image Converter you can add your picture to an iPod and the classic Etch-a-Sketch frames.
  • Changedthe background color -- let me know what you think.
  • Limited the blog to 25 blogs per page since the page was getting too long.
  • Deleted the Guestbook -- to much spam and securities holes - not enough time for me to fix those.
  • Removed the eBay auction tools from the menu... Not enough traffic.
  • Added a webmaster todo list. This you can't see but it will help me manage changes that I want to implement to the website. There's so much to do that sometimes I think of changes that need to be made but forget about them later. I am quite happy with the code so I may post the source for web designers to use on their page.
  • Added Dumb law Submissions page - See the stupid laws submitted by visitors to this site.
  • Fixed browser layout issues and validated front page and css.

Posted by TJ on Thursday January 4, 2007 @ 11:11 AM
[Tags: blog, personal, update]

[Mood: blah]
[Music: My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade]

Yeah I bet you thought I was going just make the first post and never post again. Actually, I probably have better odds if I bet that no one read my blog yet. Though, that is how 90% of blogs probably end, one post and the blogger forgets about it and never post again. Well I made it to two blogs now so I beat that already.

I just finished the blog.. and you can now add comments! Please comment so I know some one reads this thing...

I mean I am also doing this for my personal use any way. Next year I think it would be cool to look back and say , oh last year on January 2nd the most entertaining thing I had going on was I cashed in my change for $375... Whatta loser! heh.

Any way thanks for reading... uh.. me.. thank me for reading...

Posted by TJ on Monday January 1, 2007 @ 06:21 PM
[Tags: test, update, blog]

[Mood: mood]
[Music: Artist - Song]

This is a test
had this been the real thing hopefully it would be more entertaining.
Thanks for reading.

Let's now test an update