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Posted by TJ on Sunday May 17, 2009 @ 10:58 PM
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Here you can discuss your results from the colorblind selftest. Let us know what you expected and what the results were.

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Let me start off this with a message from a visitor which prompted this post:
Mr. Kelly McClanahan said:
I took your test, knowing already that I was colorblind. I would like to pass on how I explain to people what it is like. I liken it to reading a foreign language. You can make out certain words, and perhaps make out what is trying to be said, but since you do not read it, you cannot fully understand what is being said.

Of the six questions, I only got 2 correct, 1 and 4. Being red/green colorblind, and now 40, I have learned to deal with this in my own way. I see bright colors better than dark, and I am used to asking what a color is, even a stranger.