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Posted by TJ on Thursday April 16, 2009 @ 12:28 AM
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Rules and updates for the status message page.

FAQ's for Status Message Submissions

What types of message submissions are prohibited?

  • Messages containing sexual, adult or mature content
  • Messages containing excessive profanity, violent language, or racial intolerance
  • Messages with attempts to circumvent the bad word filter (ie: sh*T).
  • Messages specifically asking users to vote "thumbs down" or "thumbs up"
  • Trolling or off-topic irrelevant messages. This is not the place for political opinions with no intent on humor.
  • Messages that contain comments about another message or contributor.
  • Messages that comment about the Tjshome.com webpage or its staff
  • Message containing excessive grammar errors
  • Messages typed IN ALL CAPS or TyPeD LyKe ThIs.
  • Excessive use or incorrect use of punctuation !!!!! ,,,,, ####$@!.

Why was I banned or why are my submissions being restricted?
  • You used the status submission form to post comments about another message or contributor.
  • You used the status submission form to post a comment about the Tjshome.com webpage.
  • You posted messages without regard for the prohibited messages stated above.
  • You abused the voting systems by submitting multiple votes to one message.

Why was my message deleted?
  • You posted a prohibited message as noted above.
  • A similar message already exist in the database.
  • The message did not relate to the page topic (IE: Funny Status Messages).

How do I report a status message that breaks any of the rules above?
  • Give the message a "thumbs down" vote
  • Post a comment by clicking the comment indicator link below each message and explain your concerns
  • Use the comment form below
  • send an email to the http://tjshome.com/mailto.php?to=TJ. If you email us regarding an particular message YOU MUST provide the exact message you are referring to, otherwise, we will not respond to your comments and they will be discarded.
Where should I post comments regarding a particular status message or comments regarding the site in general?
  • You can comment on a particular status message by clicking the comment(#) indicator link below each status message
  • You can submit general comments regarding the website (IE: feature request, bugs, hatemail etc.) using the comment form below
How can I contact the webmaster?If you submitted a message that you think was unduly deleted, or have any other comments regarding the page you can send an email using the contact form: http://tjshome.com/mailto.php?s=Status+Message+Discussioin

Status Page Changelog:
** Comments Enabled Again 02-28-2010 However in an effort to curb the abuse you must now submit a status message and have it be approved by a moderator before being able to post a comment. This should work well because who are you to comment on a status message without one of your own?

** Comments Suspended indefinitely 02-26-2010 I just spent an hour cleaning up the database of worthless crap. The people who post status messages about people's comments or worst then the abusive commentors themselves. Remember the status message form is for status messages only! If you keep on abusing the live database I am going to make status message submissions subject to approval before being posted.

** Removed Facebook "like" button Temporarily 06-28-2010
We removed the "Like" button from the main index as we think it was putting too much load on our servers. We are in the process of updating our host to handle more traffic so stay tuned.

** Implemented Facebook "like" button 06-27-2010
We added the facebook like button to give users the ability to share their favorite status messages in their profile with one click. This helps increase the reach of our website. If you don't want a link to Tjshome.com posted to your wall then don't click the button. The thumbs up and thumb down buttons will perform as they always have and are not related to the facebook like button.

** Added Facebook Share button 04-25-2010
You can now easily paste a link to any status message to your Facebook profile. To find the share button click the Comment(#) indicator under a status message. This uses Facebook connect so you must be logged into Facebook before you use the button. I will add Twitter share links on the next update. I may also add the share button to each message on the main pages.

** Updated Fixed by rating 04-24-2010
I changed the mysql for sort by rating. It use to sort by the total number of votes (up votes - down votes) now it sorts by the percentage of up votes to total votes, a more accurate way to find the best messages.

** House Cleaning 03-25-2010
Reformatted this post into FAQ to make easy to understand since a lot of people are missing the point.

** House Cleaning 03-03-2010
Yes, I deleted about 5 pages of status messages. I need your help to get back to 300 pages so start posting some good messages! I deleted messages mostly based on poor ratings. How the administration works is when a message is submitted it is automatically added to the live site, however, it sits in a bin for me to review. I review new messages daily and delete the ones that are inappropriate, however, the messages that aren't immediately deleted still sit in a bin until I click them off to be added permanently. For this step I like to wait to the messages get enough ratings to help determine whether the messages should be deleted, be filtered, or be permanent. Well... The bin was getting quite large and slowing the administration page so I finally went through all the messages again (about 1000+) and deleted those with terrible ratings and added the others.

** Notice 03-01-10
How to properly report a message
If you find a duplicate message or overly offensive message please either post a comment in the message you are reporting. If you want to refer to another message such as "RERUN same as [[other message]]" use the message ID number. You can find a messages ID # by clicking the comment(#) indicator under each message and looking in the address bar of your browser you will see http://tjshome.com/statusmessageid.php?id={{message ID #}}. Use this unique id number to refer to a message.

** Update 02-14-10 New Page Added: http://tjshome.com/statusmessagecom.php. I put this together really quick so it's not too easy on the eyes. This page lists the 50 last comments posted.

** Update 02-14-10
New Comments feature - You can now comment on individual status messages. Below each message is the "comments (0)" indicator. Click the number to comment on an individual message. This feature is in BETA mode and we will monitor its use and decide whether to make it a permanent feature in the next few weeks. It will be removed if it's not used or if it is abused.

** Update 1/20/10
I don't know why so many people think politics make good FUNNY status messages. This site is not a political forum. Tjshome does not take sides, we will delete every message that involves politics (unless it's funny, which is unlikely given the topic).

** Update 1/03/10
Happy New Year Everybody! I have improved the system for banning people who are using the submission form incorrectly. The submission form is for Status Message only! Anybody who post comments relating to other messages or comments regarding the website will be swiftly banned from posting additional messages. I don't want the status message page to turn into a chat session. If you have any comments regarding a particular message or this site post using the comment form below NOT the status submission form.

** Update 11/29/09 - Bandwidth Exceeded no more -
I hopefully have put an end to the "Bandwidth Exceeded" notices. On Saturday and at the end of last month the website went down because it exceeded the bandwidth limits set by my host. This means Tjshome.com is generating more traffic then ever before (which is a good thing). Last month the host increased my bandwidth limits and they have again agreed to allocate even more (a lot more this time) since we broke the revised limit. With the new increased limits we will be able to provide adequate bandwidth for the future and hopefully we won't be seeing these notices again. My suspect is that some of this bandwidth usage is malicious and we will be examining our logs to ban suspicious ip addresses from accessing the site.

** Update 11/16/09
I fixed an IE bug which was graying out all messages after a messages without a name. I was missing a span close tag. If you notice any bugs please report them below.

** Update 11/03/09
I banned more people who were posting offensive comments or posting comments relating to the page or other messages. Please follow the simple guidelines above. If problems persists I will have to make messages subject to moderator approval before being shown.

** Update 11/3/09 - Automod
I've been testing an automod script I wrote to help me out a little bit with the moderating. The script will automatically set a message to "filtered" if it receives a certain amount of "thumbs down". The messages won't get deleted but you would only be able to see these message if you turn the filter off. Also, messages that were previously set to "filtered" will automatically be unfiltered if they receive a certain number of "thumbs up". You can help by rating messages with their appropriate rating!

** Update 11/01/09
I deleted all racist messages and all messages relating to the racist messages. There were about 3 racist messages and 20 messages talking about those messages. Please people if you have an issue with a message post it here using the comment for below... not as a status message submission. By posting here your concerns will be dealt with quicker.

** Update 10/07/09
Ratings are back... blame my crappy coding.

** Update 10/6/09
1.) You can now use your twitter username to submit status messages. A link to your twitter page will be included with the message.
2.) I added a character counter to the status message submit form. Messages are, and always have been, limited to 255 characters. I may add an option filter for only messages that are less than 140 characters for twitter users.

** Update 5/18/09:
1.) I deleted (permanently) a few pages of messages. These contained duplicates and nonsense messages (uncreative messages about poop, doing someones mom, and one word messages)

** Update 5/20/09
1.) I made it so you can now search by submitters name. To search by submitters name click the name on a status message (which is after the date submitted). Note that all messages do not have a submitters name. This feature makes it easier to keep track of all your submissions, just make sure you use a unique name when you submit messages.
2.) I also fixed the bugs in the search.

** Update May 15 2009
1.) You can now turn the filter off. This will add more messages. Be cautious though as there will be a lot of profanity, duplicates, and grammar errors.
2.) Search Messages -- You can now search messages.
3.) Added Sort by Rating to the main page

Other Updates:
** I fixed the bug that was deleting words on some message submissions.

** I started logging IP addresses and will start to ban people who keep posting comments/discussions using the status message submission form. I do not want the page to become a discussion about how much my site sucks, use the comment form below for that if you feel that way. I have a feeling it's same couple of people posting everyday.

**I am saving all the deleted messages and will post a link in the next couple days so anyone can view them. I am not sure what I should call it: (Recycle bin? Deleted status messages? Unfunny status messages?)" Any suggestions?

** I deleted all duplicate messages. If you notice a duplicate I missed please post it below.


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