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Posted by TJ on Sunday December 9, 2007 @ 10:51 PM
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Most people don't realize that you can find the solution to most of your problems really easily by using search. The best thing to search for is the error itself. Make sure you copy it word for word and enclose it in "quotes". This will turn up any page that talks about the same error you are getting and you will skip a lot of garbage you'd other wise get. For instance if your explorer keeps shutting down automatically do not search for "Internet Explorer keeps shutting down" instead use the error you received "Windows explorer encountered a problem and needs to close". This tip can make anyone look like a technical support pro last week I solved two issues for my firm using this that the tech guy installing a new server had trouble fixing.

On the same topic I recently noticed that when using internet explorer it would not automatically add the "http:" or www. to a specific address in the address bar. The error was "Windows cannot find ''. Check the spelling and try again." . It worked when I typed but usually explorer lets you leave off the "www." and it did for every other address. The problem? For some reason having that address as a favorite/bookmark was causing the issue. By deleting the page as a favorite I was able to omit the www. I don't know why this would be an issue but I prefer firefox and use it more anyway, so I just deal with it.

Posted by TJ on Thursday December 6, 2007 @ 04:23 PM
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[Music: Rancid - Side Kick]

Cool song by Rancid...

I had a dream I was a vigilante's side kick
My name is Tim I'm a lesser- known character
I had a dream I was a vigilante's side kick
Fighting crime in the streets together

Down in Oakland
Off of West Grant
St. Joseph relief poor program
A good place where good people get food
Help your fellow man a good thing to do
Government agency said be afraid of me
I'll shut your doors down and it won't phase me
Wolverine came through left the agent for dead
Put the doors back up, everyone was fed

I had a dream I was a vigilante's side kick
My name is Tim I'm a lesser- known character
I had a dream I was a vigilante's side kick
Fighting crime in the streets together

Do not build them abandoned buildings
It's nice to sleep when you got a ceiling
Neighborhood watch said we gotta put a stop
Can't have people living for free call the cops
Here come the swat team and the M-16
Shoot the walls in and destroy the building
Wolverine was sad and it made him mad
Every single cop got a bullet in the head

I had a dream I was a vigilante's side kick
My name is Tim I'm a lesser- known character
I had a dream I was a vigilante's side kick
Fighting crime in the streets together

Posted by TJ on Wednesday December 5, 2007 @ 12:42 PM
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This is one of those stories I never told anyone. This is an Tjs Blog exclusive. Grab some popcorn sit tight in your chair and read the intense story.

I never broke or sprained a bone(that I know of), however, when I was still in grade school.. probably 3rd or 4th grade we were at recess and was on a swing with a couple other classmates. The other two jumped off and as I was about to follow the counselor said "don't jump off you're going to hurt self" well me being the show off and juvenile I jumped off anyway and landed on my arm and hurt it quite badly. I however didn't tell anyone because I was embarrassed at my stupidity and too young then to have my masculinity scarred. Well anytime someone simply brushed aside my arm or I moved it the wrong way the pain shot through like hell. That made walking the halls hard as people would frequently banged their book bags against it. I remember needing to run to the bathroom so no one would notice the pain I was in. Fortunately it eventually (maybe about a month or two) healed by itself.

Okay I apologize for embellishing the drama for such a boring badly told story ... I just needed to get that. I feel so relieved now.

Posted by TJ on Friday November 16, 2007 @ 10:21 AM
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200 Word Home

I love how the web promotes creative minds to find new ways to earn income. A new genuine idea I just discovered was from a couple who wanted to a find a way to get a more than decent price for their home in Cleveland. Instead of selling their house for a fixed amount on the market they decided to raffle it out. Offering anyone to join in the raffle with a 200 word essay and a $199 fee. They are expecting at least 3,000 entries that would net them $597,000 for the "sale" of the house. Now I congratulate them on their originality, however choose not to even bother submitting my entry for these reasons:

1.) Legality - is this even legal? Have they consulted a lawyer and abided by local and federal laws for conducting a lottery? Are they legally obligated to transfer over the house? What happens to my entry fee if this is found to be illegal.
2.) According to the pictures the Kitchen consists of a table only... where am I going to cook dinner?
3.) What kind of story are they looking for and what will determine who is the winner? What's to stop them for awarding the house to a friend? Can someone lie in their essay? Will they verify the authenticity of someone's sob-story to win the house? My story so far is "I lost three limbs in war, my wife and kids were killed in a home invasion"

Check it out your self:

Posted by TJ on Wednesday November 14, 2007 @ 11:44 AM
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The website (, I believe has found a way to get the best search rank for a number of popular programs including Microsoft money, and office. Offering unlimited free downloads of popular software, videos, and Mp3's for a one time price of $4.87. Seems like a real steal, doesn't it? Not really since a quick google research determine's that they only thing they are offering to paid members links to other sites that are offering these file's for download. Meaning you probably have just as much luck doing a google search yourself. I do applaud them though for being able to get high up on the search rank scale, I wish I new how they accomplish it. They only registered the site in June 2007.

I am not the company scamming you therefor I can not give you refunds. Feel free to post your experiences with this company to deter others from signing up with this company. However do not give your order # and request a refunds from me as again, I am not the the company who screwed you.

Posted by TJ on Friday November 9, 2007 @ 03:14 PM
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[Music: Patience - Guns N Roses]

I have done some analysis on my website based on visitor statistics and other merits. You will notice some pages will be shut down upon review because they are not worth keeping as I lost interest in them and so did the rest of the viewing audience.

Free iPod - It's taken me over a year to get a free iPod so it may not be worth it to keep these pages around much longer. Offercentric has made it very difficult to earn referrals since they keep adding more site's which take referrals away from each offer. They have 4 different site's with separate requirements for iPod's alone. We will see how is doing in Q1 2007. 8.560k

Cool AIM Smiley's - For some reason people still love these. Here to stay, at least for this year. 36.5k Hits in 2007

Surveys for Myspace - Created in November 2005 and is one of the most popular pages so it definately is staying. Could use enhancements such as interface, ability to add more questions on a survey, and tracking. 2007 Hits 1,270k

Polls for Myspace - This site was created in May 2007 and although not as popular as I would like it's going to stick around for at least another year. Enhancements may include ability to add more options and interface. 2007 Hits 12k

Away Messages- This page has good page rank and is quite popular. Sticking around for a while. Enhancements may include ratings and using database for all away messages (not just the submission). 91K

Funny Status Messages - This page is new so not enough data for analysis. Only 1,100 Hits so far.

Famous Quotes - Quotes are a personal favorite of mine so this is here to stay. 2007 Hits 83k

Cool AIM Screennames - Created in 2004 with the intention of never actually selling any screen names, however, this site does draw in visitors so its going to stay. Also, I love the hate mail I receive from this site, so keep it coming. 65k Hits

Buddy Icons - A popular favorite and I think its a great page if you're looking for an icon because new additions are submitted daily. 132K hits in 2007

Avatars for Myspace - An even more popular page and I think its a great page if you're looking for an avatar because new additions are submitted daily. Enhancements may include ratings. 994K hits in 2007.

Dumb Laws - This page has great page rank and is here to stay - enhancement includes researching actual new laws to add with real sources. 74k hits in 2007

A Joke Page- This page has poor statistics and will be shut down due to lack of interest by me and others. 8k hits in 2007

Weird News - Poor statistics but I like to view these myself every so often so I will keep it for a while

Pic of the Month - Created in 2005. This page will stay. I would like to add additional material. 7k hits

Color Blindness - Created in May 2005, this page will stay. 42.5k hits.

Today in History - This page will be shut down due to lack of interest.

Great Amazon Deals - I like this page for finding good amazon deals however it has low popularity at 3.5k hits

Online Image Editor - Created in Feb 2006. Future enhancements include better user interface and more options. 120K hits in 2007.

Song Lyrics - Song lyrics are here to stay (unless I get sued). 34k hits in 2007

Acronym Dictionary - Added in July 2006, this page is still relatively new and here to stay. I like the design of this page, so I am not willing to see it go no matter how poor the popularity. Unfortunately, there is no room to grow as I think I have all the most popular acronyms. Someone make some new acronyms, quick! 4.1k hits in 2007

In the News - With less than 7,000 hits in 2007 this site is slated for removal. :(

About TJ - We need to keep this site as everybody (361 hits in 2007) is looking to read about TJ

TJ's Blog - The first post was made December 31, 2006. I am keeping this as it's relatively new and I need it to vent my frustrations and let someone hear what I have to say. Just think you wouldn't be able to read the 2008 edition of this post if I got rid of it.... now would you? 2.5k hits in 2007

Popularity Test - Created in May 2007. I am not sure why but I am not willing to let this page go. Enhancements may include more profile options and user comments feature. 3.3k hits in 2007.

Companies That Suck - Created in Jan 2007, this page is here to stay. I love writing about companies that suck and passing the information to millions (2.5 k visitors in 2007).

We recevied 3,402,391 pageviews in 2007. Of those, 1,709,455 were unique visitors. That is more visitors than people living in Maine!

Look for many new pages to come to in 2008!

Posted by TJ on Monday November 5, 2007 @ 01:08 PM
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[Mood: Angry]

What's That suppose to mean?

That's gooing to be my new favorite question.

I'll expand later

Posted by TJ on Friday October 26, 2007 @ 03:24 PM
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Verizon has been known to have no corporate social responsiblity. They recently released their latest scheme for earning the extra buck at your expense. They have included a notice in recent billings that they will sell subscribers their Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) to “third parties and affiliates” unless you opt out in 30 DAYS.

Adobe PDF version of the notice

CPNI is (Customer Proprietary Network Information) is information that telecommunications services such as local, long distance, and wireless telephone companies acquire about their subscribers. It includes not only what services they use but their amount and type of usage.

Third parties can use this information for targeting solicited text messages and phone calls to you.

I advise all Verizon subscribes to opt-out by calling:


You will need to enter your #, billing zip code, and last four digits of your SS# into the automated system.

Posted by TJ on Thursday October 25, 2007 @ 11:49 PM
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I created a page so you all can submit your best facebook status messages. I started it off with some good ones so check it out!

Link:Funny Status Messages

About Status Messages:

A status message is a function of some instant messaging applications whereby a user may post a message that appears automatically to other users if they attempt to make contact. It is analogous to the voice message in an answering machine or voice mail system. However, status messages may be displayed even if the person is present. They are often updated much more frequently than messages in answering machines, and thus may serve as a means of instant, limited "publication" or indirect communication.

Whereas answering machine or voice mail messages often have a generic greeting to leave a message, status messages more often contain a description of where the person is at the moment or what they are doing. Because most instant messaging clients indicate to users when their online contacts are away before they send a message, more often than not away messages are meant to be read in lieu of sending a message, rather than a response. Away messages are not to be confused with idle messages, which is an automatic reply to a message when the messaging client has determined that the replier is not at his or her computer.
Link:Funny Status Messages

Posted by TJ on Wednesday October 24, 2007 @ 09:43 AM
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Neat little test. Which side of your brain do you use, Left or Right?

If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa.

Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it.

Left Brain
uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies
Right Brain
uses feeling
"big picture" oriented
imagination rules
symbols and images
present and future
philosophy & religion
can "get it" (i.e. meaning)
spatial perception
knows object function
fantasy based
presents possibilities
risk taking

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