200 Word Home - Win a new house
Posted by TJ on Friday November 16, 2007 @ 10:21 AM
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200 Word Home

I love how the web promotes creative minds to find new ways to earn income. A new genuine idea I just discovered was from a couple who wanted to a find a way to get a more than decent price for their home in Cleveland. Instead of selling their house for a fixed amount on the market they decided to raffle it out. Offering anyone to join in the raffle with a 200 word essay and a $199 fee. They are expecting at least 3,000 entries that would net them $597,000 for the "sale" of the house. Now I congratulate them on their originality, however choose not to even bother submitting my entry for these reasons:

1.) Legality - is this even legal? Have they consulted a lawyer and abided by local and federal laws for conducting a lottery? Are they legally obligated to transfer over the house? What happens to my entry fee if this is found to be illegal.
2.) According to the pictures the Kitchen consists of a table only... where am I going to cook dinner?
3.) What kind of story are they looking for and what will determine who is the winner? What's to stop them for awarding the house to a friend? Can someone lie in their essay? Will they verify the authenticity of someone's sob-story to win the house? My story so far is "I lost three limbs in war, my wife and kids were killed in a home invasion"

Check it out your self: 200wordhome.com

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