7 Reasons you should be using you credit card for EVERY purchase
Posted by TJ on Thursday May 26, 2011 @ 01:45 AM
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1) You can avoid getting short changed ... Avoid the chance of the cashier giving you back the wrong change
2) Easier Expense Tracking - Most credit cards have great tracking online, so say, you want to know how much you spent at Starbucks in the last year that will be a lot easier to figure out if you used your credit every time.
3) Avoid going to the ATM --- I know ATM's are everywhere but why waste your time or risk having to pay an ATM fee when you run out of cash?
4) Rewards - most credit cards offer rewards -- which might not be much but its still free money or travel miles.
5) Protection - If you buy something with cash and it is a lemon you won't get your money back unless the seller agrees but if you use a credit card you may be able to issue a charge back claim and have the charge reversed by the bank.
6) Better credit rating - Charging your purchases and paying off the balance each month with build good credit history. The longer you keep a credit card the better your score will be. It will be harder and more expensive to purchase a house or car if you do not have a good credit history.
7) Change is nuisance -- Avoid change jars where the money will just sit in your house for years not accruing any interest.

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