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Posted by TJ on Tuesday February 20, 2007 @ 10:33 PM
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Girls who do not wash their hands It took me a long time to figure out that like boys, girls poop too, however I just noticed that like boys, girls do not wash their hands after they go to the bathroom. I am not saying that it's okay for guys not to wash their hands but I think it's especially gross for girls to engage in this unhealthy behavior. And if you're not going to wash your hands at least wait to the toilet flushes before you exit. A toilet flush and the door opening is a dead give away that you do not wash your hands, and I'd rather not know. Here's a tip don't just wash your hands after the bathroom, wash your hands every chance you get, especially before eating and maybe you won;t get sick so much. I have not been sick in 3 years and haven't been to a docter in 5 years.

Posted by TJ on Thursday February 15, 2007 @ 05:33 AM
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I have a snow day today so... I figured I'd put together a frequently asked question (AKA FAQ) about accounting. Oh my.. My life is so intense.

Who are you to be able to address this important issue? I have a B.S. in accounting, am a CPA and have been working in public accounting for 3 years

Does the musical "The Producers" accurately describe the accounting profession?

In some regards yes. My boss treated the whole office to this musical in NYC and we found the musical quite funny in how accurataly it really was. We were of course all drunk though since we were drinking in our limo on the ride down.

Accountants only do taxes... right? Right?
NO. Taxes only make up about 20% of an the average public firms revenue. There are audits, consulting, and other services that accountants perform. Engaged accountants can be responsible for a company accurately depicting their financial condition, this has nothing to do with taxes.

Accountant are always dull, boring, and like to pick their nose
There are some people like this that we work with, but not all of us are like this. Though you probably run into these people in every profession.

Is the work always repetitive, mundane work?
Not always. It all depends where you work. If you work in at a large CPA firm your probably specialize in one department and maybe be doing the same everyday. However if you work for a small firm you may get to do a little bit of everything. I work for a small firm so one day I could be doing a tax return and the next I could be auditing a corporations books, it keeps it interesting.

Will you do my Taxes?
Yes sign up for 2007 will begin after April 15th, 2008 once I'm done with the busiest time of my work year. Late fees may apply.

Posted by TJ on Sunday January 28, 2007 @ 10:27 PM
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I spend a lot of time on the coding of my website to make the design appear somewhat presentable. I find it very amusing that some sites that bring in millions of visitors each day do not put any effort into their appearance. With a little bit of designing I bet these site can increase their visitors by at least 10%. Here is a list of offending sites: Besides their very poor services they also have very poor design problems. You never know when you're logged on and page transition in the member's area is very slow. You think one of the most popular sites on the web can I spend a little money to make their site appear top notch. Have at least their main page appear presentable will lessing the nuisance of viewing those awful teeny boppers myspace profile pages.

Drudge Report is a popular U.S.-based news website run by Matt Drudge. The site consists primarily of links to stories from the US and international mainstream media. The site looks like it was designed in MS Word html editor. One think I hate worst when visiting a website is having to scroll. I like all the main content to be in one viewing area. I understand this can't only happen but this site makes you scroll left->right and up->down... doing this loses the readers attention. Viewing the website is worst then having to flip through pages of the NYTimes on a crowded subway. The viewing area spreads will easily extend over a virtual football field. This site is in dire need of a overhaul.

Craiglist is a centralized network of online urban communities, featuring free classified advertisements. This site has made the owner (I forget his first name) a millionaire. The site however is plain, in fact I do not think theirs an image hosted on the Craigslist servers. Their HTML links everywhere and often you find yourself getting lost because there's no defined menu. For a multi-million dollar financial institution this bank has a very fake looking design. I just can not trust the security on a site with poor design. a website dedicated to determining the truth about many urban legends, Internet rumors, email forwards, and other such stories of uncertain or questionable origin. Snopes design hasn't been updated even after they current receive millions of hits each day. How can Webmaster be so ignorant to the fact that a good design = more visitors? More visitors = more profit from ads.

IMDB The International Movie Database needs some organization work. It just a bunch of text spread throughout.

Posted by TJ on Thursday January 25, 2007 @ 12:27 PM
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So here's my second attempt at this article the first was accidentally deleted...

The internet is responsible for a lot of things that didnt happen 10+ years ago. Among the most interesting is how the internet has managed to effect the market of the following print media that you basically do not need anymore as the internet is a much more resourceful in obtaining the information the media had to offer.

Yellow Pages: The only thing these are good for these days is allowing my mom to see over her car steering wheel. Who needs this when you can just type in what your looking for into Google? Need a barber search for "Barber [your city]" need a contractor search for "contractor [your city]" Not only will you get a list of phone numbers but you should also get links to the business web pages which provide a lot more info than an ad in the newspaper. With the internet you can also do a reverse telephone lookup. Have a weird number on your called id... type the number into Google (ie: XXX-XXX-XXXX) and find out who called you. You would have to look through the whole white pages to achieve this with the Yellow Book.

Encyclopedia: There is no longer a need for these unless they are for show and you want people to believe your scholarly. You have sites like Wikipedia or just search for what your looking for and find out up to date information quickly.

Dictionary/Thesaurus: No sorry, Webster your going to have start writing comics or something. Just type any word into Google and not only will Google define it but it will correct your spelling if it is spelled wrong.

Classifieds: Newspapers are having trouble maintaining profit with the proliferation of online classifieds, site's like eBay, Monster (Help Wanted), and (classifieds) are among the most popular. Why post a classified in a newspaper and only reach the local area when you can post it on the internet and reach the World?

Newspapers: I just mentioned classifieds above but hey who still needs to read the newspaper? Besides keeping people awake when on the train or toilet there is not need for newspaper. Google News provides news articles from 4,500 sources around the globe. The news is easily searched which beats trying to fold any paper page so it's just the article you want. What's another great thing about the internet news? It uses 100% less trees. Go me on saving the enviroment one step at a time. Now we just need to figure out how the internet can reduce the need for fuel... hmmm.

Cliff Notes: Students no longer need to pay money to cheat on that book exam. Just type in your book title to goolge and get tons of reviews, summaries, sample exams.

Wait... for my next article how the iPod not only destroyed the market for music CD's...

There is many more anyone care to add...?

Posted by TJ on Friday January 12, 2007 @ 09:24 AM
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Grr... I hate php now... I made one little mistake in the code and I went and edit this blog and now its gone... it was really good too but now you'll never read it becuase I'm to tired to type... why the heck am i typing...stop typing...stop...grrr.

Posted by TJ on Monday January 8, 2007 @ 09:54 PM
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So I have a pretty interesting commute to work. I drive from Westchester NY to NYC about 4 times a week to go to my clients. A couple days ago I decided to take pictures along the way and will share them here. Now the pictures were taken by me while I was driving so do not expect great quality or even that interesting...

Here is where I start out, Westchester avenue in Purchase. Not the cloudy skies :/

Here is NYS newest monument along side the Hutchinson river Parkway. A cell tower that suppose to look like a tree but looks more like an over obtrusive cell tower.

If you can see the fog that is the George Washington bridge.

Now were on 9A, this is where you would usually hit traffic, but none today...yay!

Random image of the West Side parkway...

The A-rod parkway is on the list of NYS parkway names too...

This truck must of made a wrong turn somewhere.

My next car is going to be a helicopter

Chelsea Piers

This is where I get my Oil Change

Car Wash + Vacuum + Oil Change + Free Parking = $30

Posted by TJ on Thursday January 4, 2007 @ 11:22 AM
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I was going to try and post every blog with my mood as blah. I thought that would be original and fun. And I am always in that mood anyway. Blah is always my demeanor... not too excited, not too depressed(just mildly apparantly). Writing about this made me look up the word on
blah     /blɑ/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[blah] 
Key - Show IPA Pronunciation Slang.
noun 1. nonsense; rubbish: What they say is blah.
2. the blahs, a feeling of physical uneasiness, general discomfort, or mild
depression; malaise: After the long weekend many workers had the
Monday-morning blahs.
adjective 3. insipid; dull; uninteresting.
Synonyms 1. bunkum, humbug, hooey, eyewash, twaddle, bosh.

Great so that means my mood fits the perfect stereotype for an accountant as insipid, dull, and interesting..What a great word and great new phrase "Monday Morning Blahs" I will have to use that one around the office.

Well the reason I did not set my mood as blah today is my leg is freaking killing me. And my whole body feels like its sleeping. I am either not getting enough sleep or I sit too much. I guess sitting while working a 7.5 hour shift, driving two hours/a day then sitting doing B.S on the computer for another 3 hours while at home can not help my fitness.

On Saturday I am going skiing for this first time. I am going have to do a Google search on tips because I do not know what the heck it is all about. I figured I will try it out though because it is one of those things everyone should do at least once. You know what I think the scariest part is getting of the ski lift the first time. I can just see me falling on my ass or having them have to stop the thing for me to get off. It should be fun though and besides the fact that I have to wake up at 6am I am looking forward to it.

Well I gotta get some sleep...

Posted by TJ on Thursday January 4, 2007 @ 11:11 AM
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Yeah I bet you thought I was going just make the first post and never post again. Actually, I probably have better odds if I bet that no one read my blog yet. Though, that is how 90% of blogs probably end, one post and the blogger forgets about it and never post again. Well I made it to two blogs now so I beat that already.

I just finished the blog.. and you can now add comments! Please comment so I know some one reads this thing...

I mean I am also doing this for my personal use any way. Next year I think it would be cool to look back and say , oh last year on January 2nd the most entertaining thing I had going on was I cashed in my change for $375... Whatta loser! heh.

Any way thanks for reading... uh.. me.. thank me for reading...

Posted by TJ on Tuesday January 2, 2007 @ 12:56 PM
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I have been wanting to start posting a blog for a while now. I just needed the time and more importantly the ambition to create the code. Yeah that's correct, most people just write in their blogs.. I write the code for the blog then write in the blog.

What people do not realize is how much trouble it takes to create each new page on I create, manage, and run everything on myself. To give you an idea of the work that goes into each page here are the components this blog needed to get up and running:
  • Database - This is where the data is stored
  • Form - This is the form that I use to write a new blog (162 lines of code)
  • Processor - This previews the blog and processes the submitted dated. Here we puts the blog into codeable content and adds it to the database so the data can be recalled later. (172 lines of code)
  • Administration - This will have a list blogs so I can go back and edit/delete blogs at a later date. I still have to create this. I still have to code this page. (100-150 lines of code)
  • Main page - this is page you;re reading now. Here we recall the data from the database and put it into a nice readable layout. (250 lines of code)

So yea that's what takes to create a new page. It is a lot of typing, coding, testing, and recoding. But I hope it was worth it and at least some people will read my useless ramblings. The ability to add/post comments will come within the next few days.

And on a fun note...
Over the weekend I went to Commerce Bank and used their Penny Arcade to cash all my change. The machine counts all your change for you and then you goto the teller to get your money. Those people at Commerce Bank sure are helpfull and friendly too, seriously. It is a lot better than those machines you see at the supermarket because the bank does not charge a fee.
Here is a pic of the change bottle before I cashed it in:

This netted me $375.11 ... Woot!

Posted by TJ on Monday January 1, 2007 @ 06:21 PM
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This is a test
had this been the real thing hopefully it would be more entertaining.
Thanks for reading.

Let's now test an update

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