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openquote Don't say anything tonight, if you're gonna say goodbye.closequote
- Skillet, Say Goodbye
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-02-02 14:14:55

openquote The Usa is like a bunch of oreos there are the white parts, and the black parts ... But everyone buys oreos for the white part =Dclosequote
- Imaninja
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-02-01 20:56:06 by Theninja

openquote When two people are alone babies happenclosequote
- Frank
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-02-01 16:50:25

openquote Some are sad some are happy,some are cute nd some are not,some are deppressed nd some are just so extatic every the kind of those people who are just not LUCKY!closequote
- Hindia
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-02-01 06:36:00 by Some People Are Just So Unlucky..

openquote I have an unbelievable tragic life,i might commit suicide one day so forgive me if i do....i just dont know what to do!closequote
- Lydia
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-02-01 06:29:24

openquote His smile is your rope so wrap it tight around your thoatclosequote
- Fall Out Boy
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-01-31 22:05:30

openquote And I think I'll blow my brians against the ceiling, and as the fragments of my skull begin to fall on your tongue likr pixie dust, just think happy thoughtsclosequote
- My Chemical Romance
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-01-29 23:41:24

openquote "Now talking's just a waste of breath. And living's just a waste of death"closequote
- Fall Out Boy-get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-01-28 20:58:37 by Hannah

openquote "Everyone's a letdown it just deepens on how far down we can go."closequote
- Cute Is What We Aim For-newport Living
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-01-28 20:57:46 by Hannah

openquote I've never been the kind to ever let my feelings show
And I thought that bein' strong meant never losin' your self-control
But I'm just drunk enough to let go of my pain
To hell with my pride, let it fall like rain
From my eyes
Tonight I wanna cryclosequote
- Keith Urban
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-01-26 22:42:54

openquote Here comes goodbye
Here comes the last time
Here comes the start of every sleepless night
The first of every tear I'm gonna cry

Here comes the pain
Here comes me wishing things had never changed
And she was right here in my arms tonight
But here comes goodbye
- Rascal Flatts
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-01-26 22:40:55

openquote Im leaving, falling alseep, hoping i'll never wake up because i cant stand this pain that remains.
- Shifting Paradise - Meganthreader
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-01-24 20:44:31 by Meh-gg

openquote On the coldest night,
In the darkest room,
I will sleep alone,
'Cause it's better than you,
Yeah, it's better than you.closequote
- Tickle Me Pink, Typical
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-01-22 17:48:30 by Skyler

openquote "I did my best to try and be a mirror of society, but we both know the mirror is cracked and everybody is in the act. Faking what they cannot feel, hoping they can make it real... reality is killing me."closequote
- Sick Puppies
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-01-20 21:06:43

openquote Do or die,
You'll never make me
Because the world
Will never take my heart!
Go and try,
You'll never break me!
You want it all,
You wanna play this part!
I won't explain,
or say I'm sorry!
I'm unashamed,
I'm gonna show my scar!
Give a cheer
For all the broken!
Listen here
Because it's who we are.
I'm just a man,
I'm not a hero,
Just a boy!
I'm gonna sing this song!
I'm just a man,
I'm not a hero!
I don't care!closequote
- My Chemical Romance
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-01-18 14:17:30 by Sabrina:wildman

openquote This hole you put me in
Wasn't deep enough
And I'm climbing out right now.
You're runnin' out of places
To hide from me.closequote
- My Chemical Romance
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-01-18 14:10:53 by Sabrina:wildman

openquote I will avenge my ghost
With every breath I take!
I'm comin' back from the dead
And I'll take you home with me!
I'm takin' back the life you stole.closequote
- My Chemical Romance
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-01-18 14:10:23 by Sabrina:wildman

openquote And hip, hip, hooray for me!
You talk to me!
But would you kill me in my sleep?
Lay still like the dead.
From the razor to the rosary!
We could lose ourselves
And paint these walls in pitchfork red!closequote
- My Chemical Romance
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-01-18 14:09:45 by Sabrina:wildman

openquote So gimme all your poison,
And gimme all your pills,
And gimme all your hopeless hearts,
And make me ill!
You're runnin' after somethin'
That you'll never kill.
If this is what you want,
Then fire at will!closequote
- My Chemical Romance
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-01-18 14:05:30 by Sabrina:wildman

openquote We are made from the sharpest things you say
We are young and we don't care
Your dreams and your hopeless hair
We never wanted it to be this way
For all our lives
Do you care at all?closequote
- My Chemical Romance, Give 'em Hell Kid
<--Rate | Submitted: 2010-01-18 13:58:04 by Sabrina:wildman

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