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Posted by TJ on Friday March 26, 2010 @ 12:38 PM
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If you are trying to convert a Microsoft Excel 2007 file to open with Excel 2003 you may receive an error that there are "Too Many Cell Formats". After spending quite sometime I found a fix for this. You need to open the file in the Excel 2007 and run the macro below and then resave the file. Before you do anything make sure you save your file in case you don't like the results.

OPTION 1: The macro below will show a prompt "Delete Style ____" for each style which and you will need to click "YES" for each style. If you are not concerned about deleting a valid style you can use OPTION 2

Sub DeleteStyles()
' DeleteStyles Macro
Dim styT As Style
Dim intRet As Integer

For Each styT In ActiveWorkbook.Styles
If Not styT.BuiltIn Then
intRet = MsgBox("Delete style '" & styT.Name & "'?", vbYesNo)
If intRet = vbYes Then styT.Delete
End If
Next styT
End Sub

OPTION 2:The macro below will delete all unused styles without a prompt. This is faster but can be more dangerous than OPTION 1. Make sure you save the file both before and after running the macro (thanks to Nick)

Sub DeleteStyles()
' DeleteStyles Macro
Dim styT As Style
Dim intRet As Integer

For Each styT In ActiveWorkbook.Styles
If Not styT.BuiltIn Then
End If
Next styT
End Sub

OPTION 3: For those that do not want to deal with Macro's there is a tool you can download that I also find very helpful and easy to use. The tool removes unused cell styles, "stubborn styles" that you can't delete through Excel UI, bad named ranges, named ranges with external references, and unhides non-system created hidden named ranges. Download XLCleaner here:!526&sc=documents

Posted by TJ on Thursday March 11, 2010 @ 12:58 PM
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In honor of tax season here are some quick accounting and IRS jokes:

A businessman on his deathbed called his friend and said, "Bill, I want you to promise me that when I die you will have my remains cremated."

"And what," his friend asked, "Do you want me to do with your ashes?"

The businessman said, "Just put them in an envelope and mail them to the Internal Revenue Service and write on the envelope, "Now you have everything."

"Your taxes are due a week from today. You can make out your check directly to Halliburton. Or you can do what I'm going to do. I'm filing my first joint return. No, I'm not getting married, I'm sending the IRS an actual joint with a note that says, 'If you think I'm paying for this war, you must be high.'" --Bill Maher

"It's tax time and President Bush is saving a lot on taxes this year. He's writing off his entire second term." --David Letterman

George Washington never told a lie, but then he never had to file a Form 1040.

Posted by TJ on Thursday February 18, 2010 @ 08:05 PM
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Yes I know it's a scam, a pretty funny one actually. A donation from from the United Nation, interesting.

Date: 18th Febuary 2010.

Customer Service!

This mail is to remind you of your registered package. CONTENT: Bank
Draft of
$890 000 USD officially registered by an Official of the United
Nation. The
Fund is a donation to you from the U.N through e-mails Balloting.
For your information the VAT and COD have been paid. Please Contact
Delivery Department Mr. Grege Silva for shipment details and
Tel: +2348071208793
It is mandatory to reconfirm your Postal address and telephone number:
Full Name:
Postal Address:
Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Margaret Blair
©Federal Express Corporation
All rights reserved. © 1995-2010 FedEx.
This E-mail is only for the above addressees. It may contain
or Privileged information. If you are not an addressee you must not
distribute, disclose or use any of the information in it or any

Posted by TJ on Monday February 1, 2010 @ 01:14 AM
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I would like to create a list of all social networking holidays that people celebrate on facebook/myspace/twitter, etc.

Apparently this week is Doppelganger Week (1st week of February), Facebook users switch their profile pictures to famous people they have been told they resemble.
Read more:

Rubber Ducky Day is January 13th Why? the Rubber Duckie Song appeared on Semame street in 1970 in which it actually made the Billboard hits chart. January 13th is supposedly to be Ernie Duck's birthday, hence the holiday Read more

International Caps Lock Day is October 22 and June 28th. For these days, and these days only, people aren't allowed to belittle you for writing IN ALL CAPS Official website

What are some other holidays to celebrate on the web?

Posted by TJ on Tuesday January 19, 2010 @ 02:12 AM
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The Consumer Product Safety Commission's National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) offers a database from a sample of 100 hospital emergency rooms in the United States and its territories. Patient information is collected from NEISS hospitals for every emergency visit involving an injury associated with consumer products.

Search the Database

Besides reading about the strange ways people hurt themselves this database can also be used to find the most dangerous sport by counting the results for each sport:

Here are the results:
Football: 14,579
Soccer: 6,159.
Baseball: 4,042
Softball: 2,748
Hockey: 1,567
Wrestling: 1,483
Volleyball: 1,469
Cheerleading: 779
Tennis: 760
Jogging: 403
Basketball: 362
Rugby: 328

Also if you want to stay away from the emergency room don't buy... these:
Trampoline: 3,078
bicycle: 2,639
swing: 2,439

What weird things can you find?

Posted by TJ on Saturday December 5, 2009 @ 05:47 PM
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As 2009 is winding down lets look at some of the top list of 2009 from around the web:
  1. 50 Best Websites 2009
  2. - 100 Best books of 2009
  3. Popular Science - Best of What's new in 2009 - New products and innovations in 2009.
  4. Best free software of 2009
  5. 50 Best Rock Songs from 2009
  6. Top Ten Internet Memes of 2009
  7. Top 100 Best Products of 2009
  8. Arizona State University Top 10 new Species of 2009
  9. Top 10 CNN Heroes of 2009
  10. Top 99 Women from 2009 voted by Men
  11. 100 Best Companies to Work For 2009
  12. The Best and Worst Video Games for 2009
  13. Top 10 Epic Fails of 2009
  14. National Geographic Top Ten Discoveries in 2009
  15. Top Internet Searches of 2009
  16. Best Jobs of 2009
  17. Apple Unveils the Top Songs, Movies and Apps of 2009
  18. 5 Best YouTube Sports Moments of 2009

Added 1/13/10
  1. Famous quotes of 2009.
  2. Most expensive car crashes of 2009
  3. Most surprising deaths of 2009.
  4. Top 10 space stories of 2009 [GALLERY]
If you have any to add post a comment below.

Posted by TJ on Wednesday November 4, 2009 @ 12:53 PM
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This is a scam email don't click the links:


Dear Facebook user,
In an effort to make your online experience safer and more enjoyable, Facebook will be implementing a new login system that will affect all Facebook users. These changes will offer new features and increased account security.
Before you are able to use the new login system, you will be required to update your account.
Click here to update your account online now.
If you have any questions, reference our New User Guide.
The Facebook Team

Posted by TJ on Friday October 30, 2009 @ 11:10 AM
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CNN published an article listing the 10 most expensive colleges in the US, and of course New York owns the title to 4 out of 10.
  1. Sarah Lawrence College
    Bronxville, N.Y. - $55,788/yr

  2. Parsons The New School for Design
    New York, N.Y. - $52,400/yr

  3. Georgetown University
    Washington, D.C - $52,161/yr

  4. New York University
    New York, N.Y. - $51,193/yr

  5. George Washington University
    Washington, D.C. - $51,775/yr

  6. Johns Hopkins University
    Baltimore, Md. - $51,690/yr

  7. Columbia University
    New York, N.Y. - $51,544/yr

  8. Wesleyan University
    Middletown, Conn. - $51,432/yr

  9. Trinity College
    Hartford, Conn. - $51,400/yr

  10. Washington University in St. Louis
    St. Louis, Mo. - $51,329/yr

Posted by TJ on Monday October 12, 2009 @ 05:56 PM
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Bernie Madoff is the top selling costume this Halloween. I kinda agree he is a bigger creep than most costumes on the market.,0,601399.story

Posted by TJ on Monday October 12, 2009 @ 05:26 PM
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Note: This is part 25 in the Job Scam Series.

Thanks goes to Monica Fornaro for sending in this scam.

Monica said:
In a subsequent email Susan Chambers had me order the MCAS kit and it turned out to be from Video Professor. It was ordered through the internet and I was charged $9.95, however when the kit came it was $198.99. I called their customer service and was told I had only 10 days to return or I would be charged the full amount. I immediately sent it back certified. I don't know how Adaptive Tech is connected with Video Professor, but this is definitely a scam. If this company wanted a certified employee they would test them during the interview, she says in the email that she will send a kit, but the next email she sends me has the link to Video Professor.

My guess is this scam is probably requiring new "hires" to purchase the "Video Professor" teaching software and profiting off the affiliate fee paid when somebody purchases the software. You will not get a job from this offer but an overpriced video professor kit.

Adaptive Tech Co may be a real company, however, this job offer is a definite scam. These scams often use real companies to try and appear real. Do not respond to any job emails from "Adaptive Tech Co" or "Susan Chambers".

If you received another job scam featuring another company please forward the email to
User submitted image
(This email address does not accept attachments for security purposes)

How do I spot a job scam?
  1. The message is for a position that you did not apply for
  2. The message is from or asking for a reply to an email address from a free email provider (ie:,,,
  3. The position is for a work at home job. Let's get real here most of these positions are hard to come by.
  4. The message provides no phone and/or no mailing address
  5. You are "hired" for the position with no actual real life interview.
  6. The company does not have a website or the website was created in the last year. Do a whois lookup to see when a domain was created.
  7. The job list few or no qualifications
  8. The message is written with poor English
  9. A Google search for the company finds little or no history for the company
  10. The email fails to mention you by name. Starts off with generic opening (ie: Dear job seeker, Dear applicant).
  11. The work at home position involves receiving payments, money transfers, or check cashing.
*** This list is not all inclusive. Scams could meet any one of these or none at all. Remember if you have to ask yourself "Is this a scam?" it probably is!

What should I do if I provided my information to scammers?
  1. Do not respond to further communications.
  2. Do not cash any checks you received from fraudulent offer.
  3. Do not direct wire any money to addresses provided.
  4. If you sent bank Information: Call your bank immediately and tell them what happened. They should be able to change your account number or cancel your account.
  5. If you are still concerned you might want to enroll in credit monitoring such as LifeLock Identity Theft Prevention
  6. You can also file a claim with The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). They are probably overloaded with these types of claim though, so I would not expect an individual response. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau or your states attorney general's office
  7. Post a comment below with any information you have on this scam to inform other people to try and avoid any future victims. Post the email you received with exact wording if different from original posted so when people search for terms they find this warning.

Copy of Original Scam Email
Susan Chambers said:

Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2009 11:38:10 -0500
Subject: Re: Administrative Assistant Position-1385165783
To: [[address removed]]

Hello Monica,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member at Adaptive Tech Co.

The exact position that you are replying in reference to has been filled; however, we do have different office assistant position available.

Your main responsiblities will be record keeping and data entry. You will need to be able to use Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Power Point, Access, and Excel.

The position is either full or part time. The full time position requires 40 hours a week; Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm. The part time position requires 25 hours a week; Mon-Fri, 10am-3pm. We are looking to fill both positions in 2 weeks. Pay is $16/hour and benefits will be discussed during the in person interview.

In order to qualify for this postion, you must possess your Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) certification. If you already have this certificate, please bring it with you during the interview.

If you do not yet have your certificate, we will provide material for you to learn and take the test. The learning kit will cover Microsoft Office 2007, and once you finish with the kit, a test will be provided at the end for you to earn your MCAS.

If you are interested in the full time or part time position, please submit your job application and include your resume at the following link. Note: To speed the interview process up, we are checking for your background online via the link. You will make an account, and able to also check your own records.

We here at Adaptive Tech Co. look forward to meeting and further discuss this postion with you.

Susan Chambers
Adaptive Tech Co

Follup - Email #2
Susan Chambers said:

To: [[address removed]]
Subject: Adaptive Tech Co. Application Followup
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 16:27:04 -0400

Hello Monica,

We have reviewed your application, and you have all the credentials and attributes to fill the position. We will setup a meeting with you at the most readily available time, and will call you shortly. Please bring your MCAS certification. If you do not have one yet, don’t be alarm.

We have a DVD learning kit that will let you take the MCAS test with ease. In it will include the exam to earn your MCAS certification. You can get the kit from our source at

Please select the Microsoft Office Integration kit. There might be a slight shipping charge, but you will be compensated for at the interview. You will be scheduled for an interview after we receive word that you received the MCAS certification from our neighboring company.

We here at Adaptive Tech Co. look forward to meeting and further discussing this position with you. Feel free to ask any questions.

Susan Chambers
Adaptive Tech Co.

If you receive this scam and found this post helpful please post a comment so I know these warnings are being read! Thanks!

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