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Posted by TJ on Monday October 4, 2010 @ 01:44 PM
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As widely discussed Google's Gmail platform has a neat little feature to undo a sent email if you want to recall within 30 seconds. The workings behind this feature is pretty simple. Google's server waits 30 seconds and only if the user doesn't click "undo" will it then send the email. No other platform that I am aware has this ability to do this. However, in most email software (including outlook) you can enable "automatic spell checking for every email" which adds an extra step to the sending process and gives you an extra time to ensure that each sent email is really what you want to send.

To enable auto spell check in outlook:
1) From the menu select Tools->Options
2) Select the spelling tab
3) Make sure "always check spelling before sending" is checked

Now this will only stop an email from being sent if any word is spelt wrong. To make sure every message requires an extra review add/modify a signature to your account under "Mail Format" and add an abbreviation (or your last name may work) that is not in the default dictionary such a Tel., thnx, etc.

Posted by TJ on Tuesday September 29, 2009 @ 01:06 PM
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You know I'm so proud of my him.. perfect attendence record! Uh.. oh what if he really is mine???

Some elementary school said:

Progress Report For Miller, N B as of 9/28/2009

Summary Report

PERIOD AM(S) PM(S): 2nd Grade (Teachers: xxx, xxx)
Current Grade: 2nd Absences: 0 Tardies: 0

Status Update - 10/12/09
Just received word my e-child missed 2 days already this month... not so proud anymore...