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   messageicon friends in low places.
←Rate | 01-23-2009 17:48 by Brian Comments (0)  

   messageicon wishing everyone a happy holiday. If your not sure what holiday it is just google March 14th.
←Rate | 03-13-2010 22:28 by Brian Comments (0)  

   messageicon In the 80's we had Reagan in office. We also had Bob Hope and Johnny Cash. Now we have Obama in office and we have no Hope and no Cash...
←Rate | 03-20-2010 00:50 by Brian Comments (4)  

   messageicon come to realize that housework is a lot like shoveling the driveway while it's still snowing, come back 10 minutes later and it looks like you never did it....LOL
←Rate | 05-25-2010 08:19 by Brian Comments (0)  

   messageicon Once saw a man in the back who said 'Everyone Attack', but it didn't turn into a ballroom blitz.
←Rate | 01-31-2011 20:12 by Brian Comments (0)  

   messageicon Dear Bible, you forgot to include us in your story. Sincerely, the dinosaurs
←Rate | 04-24-2011 07:01 by BRian Comments (2)  

   messageicon 45. People who call with blocked numbers deserve to not get answered!
←Rate | 05-05-2011 06:58 by BRian Comments (0)  

   messageicon At night, I secretly delete people on your page while you are asleep that might be potential flirters. You call it insecurity, but I call it job security…you're welcome!
←Rate | 05-06-2011 10:24 by BRian Comments (0)  

   messageicon You really don't know a person until you realize they don't know how to spelle
←Rate | 05-11-2011 23:07 by BRian Comments (0)  

   messageicon Maybe nows a good time to change my status from aethist to very religious and it's complicated.
←Rate | 05-19-2011 13:19 by BRian Comments (0)  

   messageicon Some idiots actually sold their homes and properties thinking the world was really going to end! What losers. I hope my boss gives me my job back on Monday.
←Rate | 05-21-2011 21:09 by BRian Comments (0)  

   messageicon Whenever someone deletes me as a friend I automatically think, crap they found out how many times I viewed their photos.
←Rate | 05-23-2011 04:05 by BRian Comments (0)  

   messageicon 86. Sometimes I like to order pizza from Domino's and when the delivery boy rings the bell I open the door in a Pizza Hut outfit.
←Rate | 05-27-2011 04:29 by BRian Comments (0)  

   messageicon I always feel like I make a connection with a waitress whenever they take my order
←Rate | 06-04-2011 04:35 by BRian Comments (0)  

   messageicon Supervisors never get sick but their employees are sick throughout half the year...
←Rate | 06-04-2011 05:18 by BRian Comments (0)  

   messageicon I hate when I find parking space and there's already a motorcycle parked in it.
←Rate | 06-04-2011 20:18 by BRian Comments (0)  

   messageicon How come there are never any restrooms in my dreams!
←Rate | 06-05-2011 14:50 by BRian Comments (0)  

   messageicon I'm sad my kids have left to Summer Camp for 2 weeks. I no longer have an excuse to watch iCarly while they're gone...
←Rate | 06-05-2011 17:46 by BRian Comments (0)  

   messageicon Oh you hate your job? Theres a support group for that, its called EVERYBODY'S USED THIS POST ONE TOO MANY TIMES!
←Rate | 06-06-2011 11:06 by BRian Comments (0)  

   messageicon I'm almost sure she's cheating on me with her boyfriend.
←Rate | 06-09-2011 04:02 by BRian Comments (0)  


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