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Thomasville Sucks - Review
Okay so after I had my bad experience with Bob's Discount Furniture retailer I decided that it was time to try a retailer a little more expensive and see if I would get better quality and care. I heard good things about Thomasville from a friend so in early January I went to Thomasville of Yonkers and picked out a furniture set and signed a purchase order for delivery for the middle of February. Well turns out that Thomasville was an extreme disappointment and here is why:

1.) Poor after purchase support - I called Thomasville 2 weeks after my order to check on shipment. Well the first problem I ran into was the only person who will handle your inquiries is the sales person originally handled your order. Now this would be a great, since it would mean that you deal with the same person and get things done. However after two calls over two weeks in which the operater said I would receive a call right back, the sales person failed to call me back, and I never was able to get in touch with them. I finally demanded an update from the office in which they said shipment wouldn't arrive until the end of February which was after the original schedule shipment date.

2.) Extremely long delivery time I purchased my furniture 1/10/09 and did not receive my last piece of furniture until March 21, 2010. When I bought the furniture salesman said I would receive everything in order by middle of February.

3.) Unable to honor deliveries schedule - After my long wait the delivery company finally called me and we set a time for delivery. Well turns out Thomasville couldn't even get this right as they called me the day before the scheduled time to cancel the delivery because the truck was unable to go to my address on the day that was scheduled. This showed a lack of professionalism, failure to honor commitments, and poor controls.

4.) Poor Workmanship Part of my order was for a tall drawer chest. Within 1 month of delivery I discovered the wood backing of the dresser is falling off due to a poor stapling job. For the amount of money I spent on these I expected this furniture to last me a lifetime, not 1 month.

5.) Inconvenient payment methods Besides the down payment Thomasville won't accept credit cards to pay for your purchase. They only accept Certified checks, money orders, or cash. I may expect to have to use cash for a haircut but not for a major purchase.

Anyone of know a good quality furniture retailer? One that maybe knows how to build quality furniture and get it to you in reasonable time period without any unacceptable hassle? Thomasville failed to show these qualities and I will never go back there.

By TJ on Sunday April 25, 2010 @ 01:36 AM | Views [22660] Comments (6)

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