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Depressing quotes - Famous Quotes from Lyrics

Warning: These quotes are rather depressing quotes from song lyrics or famous people that will likely to make you an emo or very sad.
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openquote But I'm near the end and I ain't got the time.
And I'm wasted, and I can't find my way home. closequote
- Blind Faith , Can't Find My Way Home Submitted: 2005-04-07 14:02:17

openquote We'll hang ourselves up with our broken dreams,
Convince ourselves that we are better then this,
Our commitment's a sickness... We'll hang ourselves up with our broken dreams,
And tell ourselves that we almost made it, closequote
- The Black Maria, Our Commitment's A Sickness Lyric Submitted: 2005-04-02 19:20:10

openquote Don't waste your time on me, you're already a voice inside my head closequote
- Blink 182, I Miss You Submitted: 2005-03-28 12:40:30

openquote I lean against the wind
Pretend that I am weightless
And in this moment I am happy...happy closequote
- Incubus Submitted: 2005-02-19 13:32:42 by Stephanie

openquote Sometimes in our lives we all have pain.
We all have sorrow.
But if we are wise.
We know that there's always tomorrow. closequote
- Bill Withers - Lean On Me Submitted: 2004-12-30 21:15:05

openquote I don't ever want to feel, like I did that day.
Take me to the place I love.
Take me all the way. closequote
- Red Hot Chili Peppers, Under The Bridge Submitted: 2004-12-06 00:13:24 by Lauren

openquote And she walked upon the edge of no return and laughed, I've lost control again... closequote
- Joy Division, She's Lost Control Submitted: 2004-09-13 18:37:09

openquote Goodbye, cruel world, I'm leaving you today, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.
Goodbye all you people there's nothing you can say to make me change my mind, goodbye. closequote
- Pink Floyd, Good Bye Cruel World Submitted: 2004-06-27 23:21:11 by Jamie

openquote And life barrels on like a runaway train
Where the passengers change
They don't change anything
You get off; someone else can get on closequote
- Ben Folds, Mr. Jones (part 2) Submitted: 2004-04-12 11:39:18

openquote The lights go out and I cant be saved
Tides that I tried to swim against
Have brought me down upon my knees closequote
- Coldplay, Clocks Submitted: 2003-12-03 11:12:33

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