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Yes, it is really that easy!

Some of the free electronics I received:

Free 60gb Apple Video iPod on March 12, 2006:

free video ipod It's so easy even a cave man can do it.

OfferCentric Proof

$225 PayPal from OfferCentric LLC on December 20, 2005:

paypal logo

$525 check from OfferCentric LLC (Free PVP's) on January 18, 2005:

Offercentric Check
OfferCentric Proof

Free 40gb Photo iPod from Gratis Internet on December 23, 2004:

My Photo iPod

Free 20GB 4G iPod from Gratis Internet on September 12, 2004:

Another free iPod

Free Samsung 710N Flat Screen monitor from Gratis on September 21, 2004:

My Free Monitor

You can receive as many free orders as you like... here's a list of my orders for the free video ipod site alone..
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