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Sony PSP 2000
Daxter Bundle
$199.00 FREE

OR $175 Cash
Features a 4.5" full color 16:9 TFT screen.
Stereo speakers
3D graphics engine
Wireless capabilites
Comes with Memory Stick Duo 32MB
These things retail for $199

You need the following: How it Works (more detailed info below): You only need 4 referals to get your free Sony PSP value pack!

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2018

  1. Complete the registration information at this site. Select the which free gift you want to receive and enter an email address and your desired password.

    You will need to conform your email address

  2. Choose Option B so you only have to do 1 offer

  3. Once you're in, you should see a list of free trials. Pick one of the trials that shows the cost as "FREE" or any other trial you are interested in.
    YOU MUST USE INTERNET EXPLORER FOR THIS PART! Safari or Firefox will not work.

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  • Once you completed an offer wait a few days and keep checking back on the "Account information" page. You should receive confirmation for completing the offer in 1-3 days.

  • Now it is time for you to refer 4 people to complete the requirements. Find 4 people and send them your referral link so they can sign up and complete their offers. Once they complete their offer, you will receive notification on your "Account Status" page that you have officially referred someone.

  • After you have completed that, you will need to confirm your shipping address, then order your free Sony PSP value pack, and wait for delivery. That's it!.

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    Offer Background:

    This is not a scam!

    I have received items for completing similar deals offered by the same company, OfferCentric, LLC.

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