Google 101 - An introduction to the google search engine
Posted by TJ on Monday October 22, 2007 @ 03:38 PM
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I wrote this article years ago but am reposting it here so it will have perpetual life...

Google 101 - Brief Intro to the Google™ Search Engine


1The Logo: You may notice a different logo on some day's, and this because they create a new logo for every holiday. See Past logo's
2Google Images™ is an awesome tool. Need a picture of a "guy with a fro"? Type that into the the search bar then hit the images tab to get one.
3Google Video™: Search through 1000's of TV programs and web videos or share your own videos with the world.
4Google News™: This is another feature I use almost every day. Search thousands of current and past news stories. Search for your hometown to see your local news.
5Google Maps™: View maps, satelite photos, or get directions and never get lost again
6More: Books (Search through hundreds of published books), Froogle™ (Shop for the best prices), Groups (search Usenet posts)
7Advanced Search: Pretty self explanatory. You may want to use this feature to narrow the results of a basic search. Check it out
8Preferences: Choose your default language, select to filter out explicit results, and select how many results google shows per page. Google™ remembers these settings Check it out
9Language Tools: Translate whole pages to another language. Search for pages in specific languages. View this page in German
10I'm Feeling Lucky: This is for when your search terms are precise, you can hit this button and Google will forward you to the one site that best fits your search terms.
11Services & Tools: Check out other cool features


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