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   messageicon Shocked Justin Bieber did not win a BET award.....don't worry Justin neither did Hanson, Nelson, or Hasseloff.
←Rate | 06-29-2010 10:41 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon thinks Elvis is the only King to actually die on his throne...(flush...sfx)
←Rate | 08-16-2010 13:53 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon thought Brett Farve was done throwing TD passes to Greenbay Packers....does last nights touchdowns count towards his Packer stats?
←Rate | 10-26-2010 01:40 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon celebrating Elvis style tonight....putting on his cape and bringing extra scarves for the ladies.
←Rate | 01-08-2011 20:05 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon do not go to Jareds...he's creepy.   He had no diamonds....just a huge pair of jeans that smelled like sandwiches and folds and folds of SKIN!
←Rate | 02-13-2011 10:22 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon looking for this guy named Lent...everybody keeps giving him things that I'm gonna need for my Charlie Sheen Holloween costume...
←Rate | 03-10-2011 19:24 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon I realize you are trying to protect a very expensive Jacket….But Mothballs STINK!!!! Who's the Genius that thought Storing anything in balls of chemical pesticide would be a good idea?
←Rate | 03-24-2011 23:47 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon wonders if  regular squirrels get mad at their parents  when they see a flying squirrel?
←Rate | 04-07-2011 21:37 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon I'm having a royal wedding watching party...drinking beer out of tea cups.  Pinkies up....chug chug chug
←Rate | 04-27-2011 09:43 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon chugging scalding Hot Lava just to cool off....
←Rate | 06-21-2011 12:14 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon you would think Mrs Brady would have got her crabs from Sam The Butcher...
←Rate | 07-01-2011 23:05 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon likes to sell things to guys with fake hair just so he can say, "How are you going Toupée?"
←Rate | 07-16-2011 12:35 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon found out the hard way that his company doesn't celebrate National Speedo day...
←Rate | 09-08-2011 11:01 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon Don't wash your car on Friday……It always rains satellites when you wash your car.
←Rate | 09-22-2011 16:39 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon Halloween costume idea #27 Ronald McDonald outfit, suit jacket, and Red Wig comb over…Ronald McDonald Trump!
←Rate | 10-13-2011 14:10 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon Hey Europe just because you call your bathing suit a racing brief doesn't mean you don't look like a man wearing panties!
←Rate | 10-14-2011 14:54 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon Dear Face Book you keep offering up people for me to friend, but then you get all  concerned and ask me how I know them.  You can't be the pimp and the cop!
←Rate | 11-10-2011 20:31 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon regretting his decision to celebrate hump day by getting a camel tattooed on his big toe!
←Rate | 11-23-2011 18:40 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon feels great today....yesterday to combat the Tryptophan drowsiness he marinated his turkey in red-bull!
←Rate | 11-25-2011 11:00 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  

   messageicon at the DMV....I guess there on the honor system...I'm 3 inches taller and I just lost 65lb's.
←Rate | 12-02-2011 19:02 by @gnarleycharley Comments (0)  


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