Job Scam: Exclusive, Inc Scam - Administrative Assistant
Posted by TJ on Thursday July 23, 2009 @ 11:14 AM
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Note: This is part 17 in the Job Scam Series.

This is a new being sent in reply to ads placed on Craigslist. Give thanks to Tiesha Star for sending this one in.

Avoid any association with this scam and do not respond to any emails from Exclusive Inc.

Do not cash any checks received from the this "job". They are fake or fraudulent and if deposited will be subtracted from your bank balance once the fraud is discovered.

If you received another job scam featuring another company please forward the email to
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How do I spot a job scam?
1.) The message is for a position that you did not apply for
2.) The message is from or asking for a reply to an email address from a free email provider (ie: @aol.com, @yahoo.com, @gmail.com)
3.)The position is for a work at home job. Let's get real here most of these positions are hard to come by.
4.) The message provides no phone and/or no mailing address
5.) The company does not have a website or the website was created in the last year. Do a whois lookup to see when a domain was created.
6.) The job has few qualifications
7.) The message is written with poor english
8.) A Google search for the company finds little or no history for the company
9.) The email fails to mention you by name. Starts off with generic opening (ie: Dear job seeker, Dear applicant).
*** This list is not all inclusive. Remember if you have to ask yourself if it's a scam it probably is!

What should I do if I provided my information to scammers?
  1. Do not respond to further communications.
  2. Do not cash any checks you received from fraudulent offer.
  3. If you sent bank Information: Call your bank immediately and tell them what happened. They should be able to change your account number or cancel your account.
  4. If you are still concerned you might want to enroll in credit monitoring such as LifeLock Identity Theft Prevention
  5. You can also file a claim with The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). They are probably overloaded with these types of claim though, so I would not expect an individual response. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau or your states attorney general's office
  6. Post a comment below with any information you have on this scam to inform other people to try and avoid any future victims. Post the email you received with exact wording if different from original posted so when people search for terms they find this warning.

recruitingdptms@aol.com said:

From: Eric Dennis >
Subject: Re: Administrative Assistant
Date: Wednesday, July 8, 2009, 8:33 PM

Reference No: - LSLCA/2031/ 8161/05 HO Ref:99645
Batch No: - R4/A313/2-60 Port
Application No: LSLCA/2031/ 8161/05 FCO Number: 812374
Respondent: Recruiting Officer

Dear Applicant
We received your resume and your application on Craigslist on the july of this year but we are really sorry to inform you that this Position as been filled, it is no more available. Our HR Managers have gone through your resume and due to some certain factors you have been picked as one of our possible candidate
to be one of our Accounts Payable Specialist which is the post That is available right now.

We strive to ensure quality from crop to counter.
end, Exclusive inc. requires the highest standards and
specifications, not just for product ingredients; every detail of production, transport, delivery, preparation and service is Also exhaustively monitored.

A focus on quality permeates every aspect of the business.

Exclusive inc. standards lead the food industry, and we
continue to work with government and health officials to Investigate improvements.
Exclusive inc. also recognize the importance of a balanced diet and lifestyle and continues to seek quality new products Which satisfy customers expectations for taste and value? We Are independent and privately owned.
We serve the entire United States, Your primary task for now, as an Accounts Payable Specialist of this company is to coordinate payments from clients and help us with the payment Process. You are not involved in any marketing. You would be responsible for receiving payments after we have offered our
professional services to our numerous clients. After this has been done the customer has to pay for the service but in most Cases we make our clients prepay for services. About 90 percent of our clients prefer to pay through Certified Checks or Money Orders drawn from the United State based on the amount Involved. We have decided to open this new contract -to-hire
job position for solving this problem pending the time that we Will open a branch office in this state.

Your First Primary task (Collection of Payments):
1. Receive payment from our Customers or Clients.
2. Cash Payment at your Bank.
3. Deduct 10% which will be your percentage/pay on Payment processed
4. Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the offices you will be contacted to send payment to, you have a lot of free time doing another job, because this job is part Time, you'll get good income. But this job is very challenging And you should understand it. We are considering your application because you satisfy our requirements and we are sure you will be an earnest assistant till we start running our Branch office in your state.

-You do not have to go out as you will work as an independent
Contractor right from your home office.
-Your job is absolutely legal.
-You can earn up to 3000-4000 dollars monthly depending on time you Will spend for this job. You do not need any capital to start.
-You can do the Work easily without leaving or affecting your present Job. The employees who make efforts and work hard have A strong possibility to become managers. Anyway our employees Never leave us. But the problem we have is trust but we hope we Can trust you.
Get back to us with the requirements below if you are
interested so that we can add your mailing address to our Regional database and forward it to our customers for them to Send payments after conducting background checks.


Full Names_______________
Mailing Address (Not P. O Box) _________________
City__ ___________________
Postal Code______________
Phone Number____________________
Email Address____________________
Marital Status___________

Send the requirements we asked for to this email address We are not asking for your bank info neither are we asking for your social security number, we are only asking for the name of Your bank and that is all.

Your response to this email is needed, so that we can
reconfirm your mailing address details we have in our

We will be updating you as soon as the payment is being sent to you and you will be directed as to where to have the remaining 90% of the money sent to, after the deduction of your 10% pay On any payments received and processed by you.

A swift acknowledgment of the receipt of this email will be Appreciated.

Thanks For Your Total Understanding and Moral cooperation.

Wagner Mill Inc. is an equal opportunity employer!

I can best be contacted by email as I am on computer every time.

I will be expecting your respones

Eric Dennis
Recruiting Officer
Exclusive inc

These people are so dumb they use a standard email template for scams and forgot to change the company name from another scam "Wagner Mill Inc." to "Exclusive, Inc."

If you received this please post a comment so I know posting these warnings are useful.

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