He's a grinch: Let's all boycott the Salvation Army Santa's
Posted by TJ on Monday December 15, 2008 @ 10:45 AM
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Among several holiday traditions I can't stand are those Salvation Santa Clauses that appear way to early in the holiday season outside the local supermarket, Walmart, city corner, or shopping mall. I find them equivalent to the homeless panhandler and find the bell irritating. My deep despise of these Santa has led to my boycott of their purpose and their change kettles. I ask that all my readers join me in my boycott and maybe we can eliminate this holiday tradition like the way of the fruit cake.

But WAIT before you call me a self centered prick read on...

I am not saying don't donate to the salvation army. Actually, I want to encourage you to donate to them. With the current state of the economy charities or having a particularly difficult time. So donate... please donate just don't give it to Santa use other means. Use their website to make a donation or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY to donate by phone. If you donate just $10 you probably make up for 20-30 people who add their spare change into the red kettle. If you and everyone donates $10 through the website instead of the red bin the Salvation Army Santa's will have no reason to stand in the cold ringing that annoying bell. You can finally exit your shopping mall without the guilt because you walked right passed Santa without even establishing eye contact. People you can gain your sanity back and you CAN make a difference, it's Christmas for god sakes.

Donate Now

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