Troubleshooting and finding solutions to all your windows and program errors
Posted by TJ on Sunday December 9, 2007 @ 10:51 PM
[Tags: internet, hints]

Most people don't realize that you can find the solution to most of your problems really easily by using search. The best thing to search for is the error itself. Make sure you copy it word for word and enclose it in "quotes". This will turn up any page that talks about the same error you are getting and you will skip a lot of garbage you'd other wise get. For instance if your explorer keeps shutting down automatically do not search for "Internet Explorer keeps shutting down" instead use the error you received "Windows explorer encountered a problem and needs to close". This tip can make anyone look like a technical support pro last week I solved two issues for my firm using this that the tech guy installing a new server had trouble fixing.

On the same topic I recently noticed that when using internet explorer it would not automatically add the "http:" or www. to a specific address in the address bar. The error was "Windows cannot find 'thesitename.com/bleh'. Check the spelling and try again." . It worked when I typed www.thesitename.com/bleh but usually explorer lets you leave off the "www." and it did for every other address. The problem? For some reason having that address as a favorite/bookmark was causing the issue. By deleting the page as a favorite I was able to omit the www. I don't know why this would be an issue but I prefer firefox and use it more anyway, so I just deal with it.

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