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Posted by TJ on Thursday July 12, 2007 @ 10:24 AM
[Tags: hints, web design, windows]

I absolutely hate website's that play sounds on page load, and avoid visiting them at all cost. Why web designers think it's a good idea to do this is beyond me. However, I think I found a simple solution to sounding off these sounds in both firefox and internet explorer 7.
    The solution:
  1. Open the Internet Explorer or Firefox installation folder.
        The default path for IE is “C:Program FilesInternet Explorer”
    and Firefox is C:Program FilesMozillaFirefox".

  2. Create an empty file in this folder with the name “msacm32.dll”. (IE: open Notepad and do save as msacm32.dll).

  3. Close all Browser windows and test it. EA Sports usually plays "EA Sports it's in the game" at page load.
If you need to enable sounds you have to delete or rename “msacm32.dll”.