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Posted by TJ on Monday August 20, 2007 @ 01:03 PM
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You can save trees and printing cost by simply changing your settings in adobe acrobat and Microsoft Word to print pages side by side. What will happen is the pages will print two pages per page instead of one. Of course, this hint is not for everyone, especially those with bad eyes.

To change your settings:

Adobe: File -> Print... -> Page Handling ->
Select "Multiple Pages Per Sheet" and Number of Sheets "2"

Office: File > Page Setup -> Options : Select pages per Sheet "2"

Internet Explorer: Same as for Office

(Unfortunately, the settings in office and IE do not save so you need set these each time you print.)

Another solution to greener printing is use software (for a fee) developed by Greenprint Technologies which automatically analyzes every print job and highlights unnecessary pages for deletion by you. Product Link.

Posted by TJ on Wednesday July 25, 2007 @ 03:11 PM
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I am going to do a reinstall of my computer and started making a list of all the programs I need to reinstall once I am ready. Not all of these I use as I added some programs I intend to use or other suggestions that may be useful for others but not for me.

Thanks to the SAforums and Steve for letting me know about these programs.

- a free Adobe Photoshop alternative
Firefox - better alternative to internet explorer
Gmail notifier - for gmail users, alerts you when you have new Gmail messages.
OpenOffice - replaces Miscrosoft Office
PuTTY - SSH and telnet
Rainlendar - a neat little desktop calendar
FileZilla - the full-featured FTP client
Process Explorer - - replacement for windows task manager
Startup Control Panel - Configure which programs run when your computer starts.
Startup Monitor - monitors changes to your startup program list
Thunderbird - email client, to replace outlook
GAIM - AIM without ads
ISORecorder - powertoy to burn CD and DVD images; create an ISO from any folder.
ckrename - batch file renamer
launchy - enter in the name of an application and it finds it.
Weather Watcher - Weather in your system tray - I do not use this program but this may useful for those looking for something like this.. as this one does not contain spyware/adware like most of them do.
Irfanview - Awesome image viewier (crop/resize/rotate)
Webmon - A program that will monitor a webpage and notify you when it changes
Dscaler For those who have a TV tuner installed this is the program to watch it with.

Spybot S&D - Search and destroy adware and spyware from your computer
CCleaner - alternative to Windows Add/Remove, clean logs/cache's and temporary files
CORE FORCE R0.95 - replaces Windows Firewall
Avast! Antivirus - Best antivirus scan
Erasure - Deleting files in windows leaves traces left on your harddrive, this program really deletes those traces

Media Players
Media Classic Player - Light Weight DVD and media player
GOM Player - play media files
VLC Player - (same as GOM but not as nice interface)

Firefox Add-Ons
Web Developer Toolbar

Steve, have any to add? (Other than Linux)