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Paychex Sucks

Paychex Sucks - Review
Paychex is a payroll service provider for millions of small and large businesses. I feel this company has no commitment on customer satisfaction and here is why:

1.) Some of Paychex representatives are not competent or do not care. I've seen instances where paychex failed to provide social security numbers for employees on Government filed reports. Getting a social security number is not hard to get for an employee and they should know better than to file payroll returns and W-2's with out this REQUIRED information. This lack of care leads to payroll tax notices the company receives and could lead to penalties. And it is hard to get paychex to handle payroll tax notices even if it is their screw up.

2.) Paychex 401k fees are high and absurd. I have 401k with them and they charged me almost 20% in fees on my contributions. They call the fee the "Mid-Atlantic Trustee Fee". Such a high fee is unexplainable and shows that they don't care about the end customer and only care about profit. If my employer didn't match my contribution I would need to earn >20% from my investments which is not plausible in most instances. Furthermore, no statements or account information I received from Paychex gives information on how this fee is calculated.

3.) Payroll Reports - Paychex payroll reporting sucks. They need a system where their reports can be export to .CSV or excel format (NOT txt or unicode) for easy file keeping and application into accounting systems.

By TJ on Monday April 28, 2008 @ 11:56 AM | Views [297434] Comments (563)

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