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Pricegrabber Sucks

Pricegrabber Sucks - Review
Pricegrabber sucks for reporting other companies that suck. is the reason I created this page in the first place. I had a unpleasant experience with an online retailer Tuccini Fragrance Outlet and wanted to post my experience to let other people know about this consumer. Knowing that Pricegrabber is one of biggest retailer information centers I figured it would be a great place for my post. So I did everything correctly and wrote up pretty lengthy essay with exact details and provided my order number. I submit my experience and then a couple days later log into my account to check the status of my submissions. Turns out they deleted all traces of my submission and there is no explanation of why this happened. So I write a kind letter to support asking where the submission went and get a very blunt response "Your review was removed because the invoice number that you provided is invalid.

Please feel free to resubmit your submission. Make sure to include the correct invoice number so that your review is approved." --Pricegrabber

Now I know I checked and double checked my order number so I know it was correct. This got me angry because I wasted my time submitting my review since and would have to rewrite the whole thing to submit again. And they didn't even give me an update in my account --- they just deleted all traces. They should let people know when their story is rejected and give a detailed description. I use to check Pricegrabber for all my reviews but I don't trust them anymore as I think they side with the sellers more because of this. I mean store reviews are a big part of their site and they should have a better system for handling them.

By TJ on Thursday February 21, 2008 @ 09:14 PM | Views [9540] Comments (9)

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