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WW Grainger Sucks

WW Grainger Sucks - Review
WW Grainger, Inc. is a publicly traded company (NYSE:GWW) but that doesn't stop them from having shady email list practices.

I never visited Grainger nor did I ever buy from their website, however, I receive numerous emails with their newsletters and product information from them under email addresses under my domain. The email addresses they use do not receive any other emails but from them because they are made with fictitious names. Here is a sample from my inbox:

Grainger Spams

None of these emails are used by me or anybody else. They were probably created by some list manager who needed additional emails to fill his quota. Grainger has no controls to sort these invalid emails out.

I run into this problem from spammers all the time as they spammers often use bots to browse the internet for domain names and add common used usernames to the domains to make an email mailing list that seem legit. However Grainger is the only public company I have ever found to engage in such treacherous and unprofessional means of obtaining email addresses.

Grainger needs to seriously audit their email list gathering techniques and stop this nonsense, I can't be the only one experiencing this.

A publicly traded company should not spam people!

By TJ on Monday November 16, 2009 @ 01:01 AM | Views [13021] Comments (7)

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