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Dell's 21 Day Return Policy Sucks

Dell's 21 Day Return Policy Sucks - Review
Dell Marketing and Dell, Inc. WAS the perfect company to buy all your computers and peripherals from. What happened?

They currently have a 21 day return policy on almost all purchases. The period starts from the date of order NOT THE DATE OF SHIPMENT so this means that their return policy is could be as low as 10-14 days. I think my local fast food restaurant has a longer return policy. This is ridiculous and shows that Dell has lost their fight with customer satisfaction.

If you call to request a refund after 21 days they are nice enough to offer the manufacturers telephone number. Oh wow... thanks for offering support for a product that I am calling up to give back to you. No, that's just their sleazy attempt way to get the customer off the phone quickly.

Where is the corporate brains here? Could the company at least pretend to care about their customers? You know how many disappointed customers you have brought yourself? You are not going to stay number one forever with this 21 day refund policy.

Congratulations Dell at earning your way onto my "never to buy from again" list.

By TJ on Saturday March 7, 2009 @ 08:12 PM | Views [12173] Comments (12)

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