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Martha Stewart (products) Suck

Martha Stewart (products) Suck - Review
Matha Stewart is an American business magnate, television host, author, and magazine publisher. She also has in her own product line selling home decor and furniture.

Martha products are the absolute cheapest things ever made. It appears she has no concern over the quality of merchandise sold under her name. You would think that after her prison sentence for securities fraud she would be more careful to improve her reputation. It seems that that she doesn't care about anything but here pocketbook.

Martha Stewart has sold Patio Tables in Kmart. There have been hundreds of reports that the glass explodes and shatters resulting in injuries in some cases. Martha Stewart claims she is not responsible party and offered no refunds or replacements nor warned buyers of the potential safety hazard.

Martha Stewart Collection Silverware/flatware sets suck. Some sets are known to stain and rust during wash. For someone who is known for her elegance in the kitchen, she must not care that her products are the complete opposite.

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