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eTrade Bank (e*Trade) Sucks

eTrade Bank (e*Trade) Sucks - Review
Etrade is an full service online bank that normally out beats brick and mortar banks with high interest savings, low-fee security trading, and extremely efficient online banking platform. Now that's the good news. The bad news is eTrade consistently has failed to prove to me that you can use this online bank for all your banking needs.

Etrade needs to figure out how to better handle the fact that it's an online bank but its customers may need the conveniences of a local branch more effectively.

Etrade website fails to give any guidance on obtaining a "bank check" or cashiers check on its website. Bank checks are often required for buying cars and houses, which everyone does and it's important to provide this information.

Etrade offer some of the best CD (certificate of deposit) rates. Even though they offer quick transfer with normal accounts they fail to provide withdrawal information for their CD accounts and this must be handled by calling their customer service number. For one of their CD's I had to call their customer service and then fax a letter asking for a transfer to my OTHER Etrade account. This is totally unnecessary and was a huge inconvenience.

Etrade does have some physical branches. The branch I visited was pretty big and resembled a normal branch bank. However the bank failed to provide services that a normal bank branch provided. You couldn't get a cashiers check, you couldn't get a withdrawal over the provided ATM limit, the people working there only were there to assist with their securities division and opening new accounts. In my mind they are wasting space and these branches could be used in a more beneficial way to their consumers.

So even though eTrade does provide great rates and easy online banking they still have work to do if they want to become the one stop shop for banking.

By TJ on Friday August 1, 2008 @ 05:27 PM | Views [14641] Comments (6)

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