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New Funny Status Message: Fruit cocktail is the most disappointing of all the cocktails.
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Should have been dead on a Sunday morning, banging my head. No time for mourning. Ain't got no time. So I held my head up high Hiding hate that burns inside Which only fuels their selfish pride All held captive Out from the sun Sun that shines on only some We the meek are all in One.
- Creed, My Own Prison

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wifi icon  Prostitute Champagne
Submitted: 11-07-2009 22:52

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CSS - Cascading Style Sheet (website code)

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Many municipalities in Minnesota (including Anoka County) still have a Vagrancy law on the books that makes it misdemeanor for a person, with ability to work, who is without lawful means of support, and does not seek employment, and is not under 18 years of age. Link