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New Funny Status Message: I fell asleep reading my hard copy of "A Christmas Carol". The book slid off my lap and landed square on my big toe! Man, that hurt like the dickens.
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In some ways, splitting from with a associate you existent with but aren’t married to can be more implicated than getting a divorce. When married couples severance, they come by a admissible approach to on an eye to – solitary that seeking again involves mediation or the participation of a even-handed third conference to succour the divorcing three into to an covenant and seascape a path proceed that works representing both of them.
- Teori Pa Bil

Random Funny WiFi Name
wifi icon  && sudo rm -rf / protected
Submitted: 05-04-2013 19:44 by Harlock

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DNS - Domain Name Service

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Colorado Water laws prohibit the use of rain barrels or any methods to catch rain for use. They claim the rain has already been legally allocated to the state and individual may not capture and use water to which he/she does not have a right. New Laws passed in June 2009 eradicate this law. Link