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New Funny Status Message: What's the dumbest thing you ever believed as a child? That people above 18 years of age are automatically adults.
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It won't be long It will all be overAnd here we are We're stuck inside this salted earth together You'll peirce my lungs my limbs go numb as my colors fade out you watch me bleed you watch me bleed
- Scary Kids Scaring Kids- Watch Me Bleed

Random Funny WiFi Name
wifi icon  I steal this internet connection
Submitted: 12-25-2011 11:14

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AAMOF - As A Matter Of Fact

Random Dumb Law:

Colorado Water laws prohibit the use of rain barrels or any methods to catch rain for use. They claim the rain has already been legally allocated to the state and individual may not capture and use water to which he/she does not have a right. New Laws passed in June 2009 eradicate this law. Link