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New Funny Status Message: I fell asleep reading my hard copy of "A Christmas Carol". The book slid off my lap and landed square on my big toe! Man, that hurt like the dickens.
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No people to praise, Myself only hurt, Nothing to do anymore, I think it's time I leave, Never to return, Only to prosper and die. No one to care, No more will power to fight, I guess this maybe my good bye, just promise one thing, remember just one thing, I shall remember you for you, love you for you, not for another.
- Sarah Violet

Random Funny WiFi Name
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Submitted: 04-23-2012 17:53

Random Acronym Meaning:

sos - Some over shoulder/same old situation

Random Dumb Law:

State code allows only 5 minutes for one to vote. Source: Section 17-9-13 of Alabama Code Link