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New Funny Status Message: I can't wait til the Presidential race ends so we can stop hating people for their politics and go back to hating people because they're jerks
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I still press your letters to my lips, and treasure them in parts of me that savour every kiss, I couldn't face a life without your light, but all of that was ripped apart, when you refused to fight.
- Slipknot

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wifi icon  How do I know you are not gona use this wifi for porn? protected
Submitted: 11-29-2011 21:38

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TTFN or TT4N - Ta Ta For Now

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Many municipalities in Minnesota (including Anoka County) still have a Vagrancy law on the books that makes it misdemeanor for a person, with ability to work, who is without lawful means of support, and does not seek employment, and is not under 18 years of age. Link