My timesheet
Posted by TJ on Thursday August 9, 2007 @ 02:06 AM
[Tags: work, accounting]

My timesheet is what I use at work
My timesheet is the toughest part of my job
My timesheet needs to have at least 7.5 hours of work on it a day
My timesheet tells my boss what i did that day
My timesheet has my favorite code which is holiday
My timesheet has to be done on monday of everyweek
My timesheet is an excel spreadsheet
My timesheet has macro's
My timesheet has formulas
My timesheet rollforwards by itself

yeah... thats my timesheet. I perfected the timesheet over the course of my employement so now when I hit a button it saves the current week, ads the current week to a log of all time, clears all data, updates the dates for the new week and saves the new week file with the date in the filename. Yup that is my timesheet. Why are you interested in my timesheet anyway? Why did you read this whole thing?

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