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Posted by TJ on Thursday August 7, 2008 @ 10:10 PM
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Like alot of people I don't have dental insurance. My office is too small for it to be worth the cost for my boss. Dental insurance is a huge expense and could cost $1,000's.

What can you do if you don't have dental insurance?
Bargain with your dentist.

There are dental plans available which essentially say that you will go to a specific dentist if they offer you discounted rates. This helps you because you are not stuck paying huge rates and helps the dentist because the gain referrals.

How much?
I am single and pay $115/ year for my dental plan. There are family plans available for $45 or so dollars extra. That means you can sign up your whole family for less than $160.

How much do I save?
You save about 50% on semi-annual checkups upto 30%-50% on all other expenses.

How does it work?
You will receive an ID card. Show that ID card to your participating dentist and the dentist will automatically apply the discounted rates to your bills. You do not need to wait for reimbursements you are billed the discounted rates..

How long do I need to wait to use it?
You can start to use your plan immediately after activation (1-3 business days).

Sample Plan Savings for Careington:
Procedure DescriptionUsual FeeDiscounted Fee (for Plan Members)Member Savings
Routine 6 Month Check-Up$43$16$27
In Depth Check-Up$69$20$49
Full Mouth X-Rays$114$50$64
Four Bitewing X-Rays$55$25$30
Panoramic Film$97$50$47
Adult Teeth Cleaning$83$36$47
Child Teeth Cleaning$62$31$31
Protective Sealant / Tooth$46$24$22
1 Surface White Filling for U or L Front Tooth$135$64$71
Single Crown - Porcelain on High Noble Metal$981$561$420
Single Crown - Porcelain on Noble Metal$912$545$367
Core Build-Up With Pins$238$117$121
Root Canal Treatment - Front Tooth$636$320$316
Root Canal Treatment - Bicuspid$757$384$373
Root Canal Treatment - Molar$919$487$432
Perio Scaling and Root Planing (Per Quadrant)$217$111$106
Full Upper Denture$1,353$722$631
Tooth Replacement Part of Permanent Bridge$91120%20%
Single Tooth Removal - Simple Extraction$138$64$74

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