Top Five Reasons I just unsubscribed from your newsletter
Posted by TJ on Monday October 4, 2010 @ 03:37 PM
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The number of mailing list (or RSS feeds) I am subscribed keeps dwindling and here are some of the reasons why:

1) You are off topic - Your newsletter is suppose to be about monkeys in Africa but you keep sending emails about the contest on your website .

2) You are trying to sell me stuff that is not related to your newsletter. This kind of relates to the first one, but if you continue to send me newsletters with lousy sponsored sales pitches for products I do not need I am more than likely to unsubscribe than buy anything.

3) You send too many emails - You send too many low content emails instead of good-content less frequent emails.

4) Your emails are too pretty - I prefer text emails that get right to the point over image heavy emails so if you are going to use a bunch of images and html formatting I might just unsubscribe. And no I didn't have time or don't remember to check my preferences (text vs html emails) when signing up for your email so that won't work either.

5) You screwed up - I canceled a couple of newsletter in the past because it seemed like every time the newsletter came in two messages once was the original email and the next email was a "Sorry disregard the last email", etc. Make sure you read and reread your stuff before you send it to thousands of readers.

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