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Posted by TJ on Sunday January 28, 2007 @ 10:27 PM
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I spend a lot of time on the coding of my website to make the design appear somewhat presentable. I find it very amusing that some sites that bring in millions of visitors each day do not put any effort into their appearance. With a little bit of designing I bet these site can increase their visitors by at least 10%. Here is a list of offending sites:

myspace.com Besides their very poor services they also have very poor design problems. You never know when you're logged on and page transition in the member's area is very slow. You think one of the most popular sites on the web can I spend a little money to make their site appear top notch. Have at least their main page appear presentable will lessing the nuisance of viewing those awful teeny boppers myspace profile pages.

Drudge Report Drudgereport.com is a popular U.S.-based news website run by Matt Drudge. The site consists primarily of links to stories from the US and international mainstream media. The site looks like it was designed in MS Word html editor. One think I hate worst when visiting a website is having to scroll. I like all the main content to be in one viewing area. I understand this can't only happen but this site makes you scroll left->right and up->down... doing this loses the readers attention. Viewing the website is worst then having to flip through pages of the NYTimes on a crowded subway. The viewing area spreads will easily extend over a virtual football field. This site is in dire need of a overhaul.

Craiglist is a centralized network of online urban communities, featuring free classified advertisements. This site has made the owner (I forget his first name) a millionaire. The site however is plain, in fact I do not think theirs an image hosted on the Craigslist servers. Their HTML links everywhere and often you find yourself getting lost because there's no defined menu.

Ingdirect.com For a multi-million dollar financial institution this bank has a very fake looking design. I just can not trust the security on a site with poor design.

Snopes.com a website dedicated to determining the truth about many urban legends, Internet rumors, email forwards, and other such stories of uncertain or questionable origin. Snopes design hasn't been updated even after they current receive millions of hits each day. How can Webmaster be so ignorant to the fact that a good design = more visitors? More visitors = more profit from ads.

IMDB The International Movie Database needs some organization work. It just a bunch of text spread throughout.

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