The Internet renders things useless
Posted by TJ on Thursday January 25, 2007 @ 12:27 PM
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So here's my second attempt at this article the first was accidentally deleted...

The internet is responsible for a lot of things that didnt happen 10+ years ago. Among the most interesting is how the internet has managed to effect the market of the following print media that you basically do not need anymore as the internet is a much more resourceful in obtaining the information the media had to offer.

Yellow Pages: The only thing these are good for these days is allowing my mom to see over her car steering wheel. Who needs this when you can just type in what your looking for into Google? Need a barber search for "Barber [your city]" need a contractor search for "contractor [your city]" Not only will you get a list of phone numbers but you should also get links to the business web pages which provide a lot more info than an ad in the newspaper. With the internet you can also do a reverse telephone lookup. Have a weird number on your called id... type the number into Google (ie: XXX-XXX-XXXX) and find out who called you. You would have to look through the whole white pages to achieve this with the Yellow Book.

Encyclopedia: There is no longer a need for these unless they are for show and you want people to believe your scholarly. You have sites like Wikipedia or just search for what your looking for and find out up to date information quickly.

Dictionary/Thesaurus: No sorry, Webster your going to have start writing comics or something. Just type any word into Google and not only will Google define it but it will correct your spelling if it is spelled wrong.

Classifieds: Newspapers are having trouble maintaining profit with the proliferation of online classifieds, site's like eBay, Monster (Help Wanted), and Craiglist.org (classifieds) are among the most popular. Why post a classified in a newspaper and only reach the local area when you can post it on the internet and reach the World?

Newspapers: I just mentioned classifieds above but hey who still needs to read the newspaper? Besides keeping people awake when on the train or toilet there is not need for newspaper. Google News provides news articles from 4,500 sources around the globe. The news is easily searched which beats trying to fold any paper page so it's just the article you want. What's another great thing about the internet news? It uses 100% less trees. Go me on saving the enviroment one step at a time. Now we just need to figure out how the internet can reduce the need for fuel... hmmm.

Cliff Notes: Students no longer need to pay money to cheat on that book exam. Just type in your book title to goolge and get tons of reviews, summaries, sample exams.

Wait... for my next article how the iPod not only destroyed the market for music CD's...

There is many more anyone care to add...?

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