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The Best Damn survey
(For boys only)

001. What is Your Name?
002. How old are you?
003. What is the link to your website, blog, or myspace?
004. How tall are you?
005. How much do you weigh?
006. Do you have a girlfriend?
007. Do you share your bedroom with anyone?
008. Where do you live?
009. Eye color:
010. Any Tatoos/Piercings?
Your Perfect Date:
011. Age:
012. Her Body characteristics?
013. Where would you go?
014. Would you kiss on the first date?
015. What about going farther than a kiss?
Which do you prefer?
016. Pizza or pasta?
017. Girls or Video Games?
018. Briefs or Boxers?
019. Abercormbie and Fitch or Urban Outfitters?
020. Be Rich or Be Happy?
021. Shower or a Bath?
022. Gym or music?
023. Family or friends?
024. Kiss or hug?
025. Drugs or alcohol or none?
Have you ever?
026. Failed a class?
027. Ran away from home?
028. Cursed at your parents?
029. Taken a dare too far? what was the dare?
030. Mooned Someone? When?
031. Made out?
032. Had a sexual experience with the same sex? What was it?
Your Favorite:
033. TV Show:
034. Clothes Brand:
035. School subject:
036. Music Artist:
037. What sports do you play?
038. Body type (slim/medium/athletic/other)
039. Whats on your dresser?
040. Do you have hair on your armpits?
041. Do you have any siblings? How old are they?
042. What do you wear to bed?
043. How old were you when you first had Sex?
044. Do you beleive in ghosts?
045. Do you have your own pc?
046. What do you do for fun?
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