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?'s u wont find anywhere else
Survey for the really bored

001. What is Your Name?
002. How old are you?
003. What is the link to your website, blog, or myspace?
004. Name?
005. What do u think of our president?
006. Whos ur fav comedian?
007. Fav internet service?
008. Fav tv channel?
009. Fav radio station?
010. Posession u never leave without?
011. Person u can trust w/ anything?
012. Friend u cant completely trust?
013. Person u pretend to like or be friends w/?
014. Fav nelly song?
015. Fav song?
016. Best slow song?
017. Fav r&b song?
018. Fav country song?
019. Fav rap song?
020. Fav hip hop song?
021. Fav punk/rock song?
022. Fav artist?
023. Fav simple plan song?
024. Fav 50 cent song?
025. Fav eminem song?
026. Fav simple plan song?
027. Fav jesse mccartney song?
028. Fav familiy member?
029. Dream pet?
030. Family member u cant stand?
031. Best friends family member u cant stand?
032. Fav internet service?
033. Best cell service?
034. How many exes do u have (need a number)?
035. What do u believe bout god?
036. Would u ever consider that god is a woman?
037. Do u believe in adam and eve or adam and steve?
038. Least fav class?
039. Worse gift u ever got?
040. Fav amusement park?
041. Best place to buy something?
042. Fav store?
043. Fav place at the food court at mall?
044. Fav drink place at mall?
045. Person u could never take 2 to mall w/ u?
046. Cracker or honky?
047. Hot or humid?
048. Hail or sleet?
049. Ice or rain?
050. Station wagon or minivan?
051. Freddy or jason?
052. Place u never wanna visit?
053. If u could get married anywhere in the world and bill gates was payin where would u get married?
054. Fav football team?
055. Least fav football team?
056. Color u hate?
057. Something u would never wear?
058. Something u would never eat or eat again?
059. If u could eat something rare or exotic what would it be?
060. Would u befriend hannibal lector if he promised not 2 eat u?
061. Name a person u would never wanna be in an elevator w/?
062. Is this the best survey u ever took?
063. If no then y the hell r u still takin it?
064. Fav movie u saw in theaters?
065. Tutoring or failing?
066. Cp or honors?
067. Dell or mac?
068. Nextel or other?
069. Prepaid or pay as u go?
070. Razor or side kick?
071. Real world or gauntlet?
072. Comedy or horror?
073. Action or romace?
074. Drama/ thriller or kid?
075. Fav comedy movie?
076. Fav actor?
077. Fav actress?
078. Brad or Vince?
079. Angelina or Jen?
080. Tom or Usher?
081. Depp or Bloom?
082. Radcliffe or CMM?
083. Fav horror movie?
084. Fav action movie?
085. Fav romace movie?
086. Fav pointless movie?
087. Something u will never get or achieve?
088. Dream that will never come true?
089. Something u hope never happens to u?
090. Do u like the song Fly Away by Nelly?
091. What color is ur fav pair of socks?
092. R u really a slob?
093. What does ur school locker look like?
094. The teacher u cant stand?
095. Place u hate?
096. Dorney or six flags?
097. Disney in CA or FL?
098. Quenns or Bronx?
099. Place in NY u never wanna be at night alone?
100. Person u feel most protected around?
101. Person u feel would sell ur soul at walmart?
102. Did this make u laugh at all?
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