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How well do you know halo

001. What is Your Name?
002. How old are you?
003. What is the link to your website, blog, or myspace?
004. How old is master chief
005. How old is cortana
006. Who is your favorite character
007. Could masterchief beat samus
008. During what time of the month can samus win
009. In what game is cortana the hottest
010. In what game is she the bitchiest
011. What would happen if two scarabs fought
012. What is masterchiefs full name
013. Of the noble team who is the most badass
014. Who in halo do you think might give you h.i.v.
015. Why does the covenant want to kill humans
016. How are elites promoted
017. Who the gravemind
018. How many halo rings are there
019. How many was there supposed to be
020. Where the hell did june go at the end of halo reach
021. Of the noble team who is the most attractive
022. Who is mirandas keyes father
023. Who is the most annoying in halo
024. Who was bucks girlfriend in odst
025. What did chief promise cortana at the end of halo2
026. What are cortanas first words in halo3
027. Why is cortana tripping out in halo 4
028. Does sergent major johnson look like the guy who led the civil rights movement
029. Who is the first guy to die in halo 1
030. Was masterchief the only spartan on the pillar of autem
031. If you had to have a child with one character who would it be
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