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I am starting to hate companies that auto bill you on a subscription basis. The dating website Match ( is a big perpetrator of this and they have a strict no-refund policy. In my opinion it should be illegal for someone to auto bill your credit card without honoring refunds. These companies are making money by purposely making their billing terms deceptive to consumers. The terms of the auto-bill are often hidden beneath a large terms of agreement that barely anyone reads and the companies that use this tactic know this.

I recently paid for a subscription for six months on sale for $30 bucks. I didn't use it much and pretty much forgot about it until my card was charged after the subscription ended for a full year subscription for $113. Absolutely no warning email was given and support was very rude and unapologetic. I ended up having to issue a charge back through my credit card, which had a special handling procedure for Match since so many people end up having to issue charge backs. change your unethical business model and earn your revenue fair!

By TJ on Saturday April 26, 2008 @ 03:14 AM | Views [57744] Comments (142)

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